Organize your business to avoid redundancy

July 23, 2012

In business, the only thing that should be done on a repeated basis is making money. The reason for that is simply because if you have to do the same thing twice to get the same result, the end result then basically costs twice as much to make. Time is money and especially so for […]

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4 Traits Possessed by Highly Effective Agents

July 19, 2012

It’s a well-known fact that certain traits are more likely to lead to success than others. Nevertheless, since it’s naturally difficult to change behaviors and attitudes, lazy people tend not to become hard-working from one day to the next and one can’t expect a lot of innovation from individuals who are accustomed to following the […]

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Avoiding an Agent’s Worst Nightmare by using Real Estate Technology

July 17, 2012

When a REALTOR meets with a client, there are a number of situations that could turn a regular, easy-going day into a veritable nightmare. The following rank among the worst of those unfortunate occurrences that could happen to any unprepared REALTOR: • “Where’s the Wi-Fi?”: These are just about the last words that a REALTOR […]

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Three Reasons Why Agents are Afraid to Adopt New Real Estate Technology

July 16, 2012

Technologies that can help REALTORS accomplish more in less time and can give them a serious edge over the competition while also helping to simplify their lives. With those obvious benefits in mind, it might seem strange to hear that some agents are very reluctant about adopting new technologies. Three of the main reasons why […]

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Always Organize Yourself for Success with Contingency Plans

July 13, 2012

When meeting with clients, REALTORS always have to be careful about making a good impression. Everything from the clothes that are worn to attitudes shown and the ability to listen help determine whether or not a client meets with you a second time. Whether buying or selling a home, they need to feel at ease […]

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3 of the Biggest Misconceptions about Real Estate Technology

July 6, 2012

Technologies developed for the real estate industry have become standard tools for some realtors but are avoided by others. There are a number of ways in which software and devices can help realtors succeed so it’s a bit baffling as to why there are so many agents who could benefit from various technologies yet refuse […]

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What Should You Be Spending Money on to Simplify Work and Succeed?

July 3, 2012

Every business has to make investments in marketing and various technologies to succeed, realtors included. To do otherwise is like handing the reins right over to the competition and urging them on to the finish line. Spend money on the business but of course you have to spend it wisely. The following are a couple […]

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How Real Estate Technology can bring a “Dead Agent” Back to Life

June 27, 2012

The housing market over the past few years has presented serious challenges to staying alive in the real estate industry. The highly competitive market has made working in this industry a constant struggle for realtors across the nation. More than a few have failed to keep their head above water and decided to change careers. […]

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