Three Must-Have Apps to Simplify Success in Real Estate

October 3, 2012

Having the right tools is necessary to succeed in just about any job, from painting to computer processing. Think about it – when did you last see an office professional without a computer or a handyman without a hammer? Being a REALTOR is no different. Having the right tools at hand help you stay productive […]

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Using Social Media to Stand Out and Build Your Brand as an Agent

October 1, 2012

Social sites might seem like nothing more than fun and games, but to successful marketers, they are all about exciting opportunities to connect with clients. Realtors do their own marketing, so they need to view sites like Facebook and YouTube the same way. When these user-driven platforms are leveraged in the right way, they can […]

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3 Things REALTORS Should be Doing to Organize their Success, But Aren’t

September 17, 2012

You can’t expect success to happen by chance. No matter what the sector of the economy, success stems from such factors as hard work, making logical, informed decisions and investing in tools that provide an edge over the competition. Businesses also need to adapt to changing landscapes and realtors are no exception. A few of […]

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Three Tips on Working with New Home Buyers

September 13, 2012

Working with new home buyers comes with its own set of challenges and strategies. Unlike people who have already invested in real estate, individuals searching for their first home are just as naïve about real estate processes as they are excited about moving into their new dream home. It’s up to you to lead them […]

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Managing Leads to Organize Your Success in Real Estate

September 5, 2012

Getting a new lead is always exciting. That new person represents potential for success and who knows what the budding relationship will lead to? He or she might be in the market for multiple properties over the years and could end up referring you to dozens of contacts. But as exciting as it is and […]

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5 Things Clients Notice – and Hate – but Don’t Tell You

August 29, 2012

We all do it. We avoid uncomfortable conversations by keeping our mouths shut, even when we’re seething just under the surface. A server gets your lunch order wrong, but you smile and stomach it rather than sending it back. An oil change takes longer than expected, but you smile and wait. A movie theater is […]

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3 Creative Ways to Get More Referrals

August 20, 2012

Referrals are the lifeblood of real estate. Clients who are buying or selling today might be out of the market in a month, could move away, may switch to another realtor, or worse, may pass away. To avoid ending up with a dangerously low number of clients, you have to be proactive and dedicate time […]

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3 Ways to Boost Your Online Profile with Social Media

August 15, 2012

An effective online profile is an essential aspect of marketing for every type of business and nowhere more so than for realtors. Real estate agents need to invest in their online profile more than workers from other sectors because their success has its foundation in establishing and maintaining relationships. Lacking a strong online presence is […]

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