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Joel Genzink, RE/MAX Lakeshore Realty

"It gave us everything we needed, from the beginning to the end of the transaction."

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Taylor Kerrigan, Jeff Glover & Associates Real Estate

"I love how fast-paced our business is and I enjoy helping clients to have a ‘wow’ experience. I would recommend dotloop for any team that wants to achieve their best."

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Mike Cartwright, Main Street Realty Ltd

"Dotloop has changed my whole business. It's so much more than electronic signatures. Dotloop is the direction I'm taking the company."

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Jenni Barnett, PARKS Realty COO and CFO

"We needed something that would bring together all the separate parts into a single piece for us. I have agents who say: ‘This is the best thing ever. It has improved my business. It has made me more efficient.'"

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Joanna Williams, BH&G Kansas City Homes

"When you’re dealing with as many affiliated agents as we are, there’s an extraordinary amount of paperwork. Having to search through all of that to confirm the documents are all accounted for and signed appropriately by clients is a huge task in itself."

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Robb Spearman, RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts

"Having been a dotloop customer for several years I'm happier than ever. We've succeeded as a brokerage because we're able to quickly adjust to change. With constant improvement and regular updates, dotloop is agile just like us."

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Anthony Askowitz, RE/MAX Advance Realty

"I couldn't do what I do today, if it wasn't for dotloop. It's an essential part of my business."

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Rachel Konieczny, Laura Miller Edwards team

“Dotloop has been a part of what’s made our team a success. I would recommend the Team Dashboard to anybody who’s running a high performing team.”

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Steve Doty, ERA Real Estate

"We could all see the benefit to our business and we were running our entire business on it just four weeks later. With dotloop, we’ve been able to put one system in place that can be managed from anywhere in the world; as the broker, I am only an arm’s length away from my agents."

Rich Close, Cutler Real Estate

“The majority of our agents love dotloop and have said they wouldn’t go to another brokerage who didn’t offer it. On top of its adaptability, I think the one thing that I love, as well as many agents love, is its mobility. Being able to complete all paperwork and signatures on an iPad, not having to go back to the office to print anything off, it’s amazing.”

Andrew Bristow, CBRB

"The support we’ve experienced with dotloop, from tech support straight on up to upper management, is second to none. We have incredibly high demand for innovation from our clients, who are increasingly tech-savvy, but even more so from our agents. They want a more seamless, smooth transaction... when dotloop came to us, we knew it was the perfect fit. "

Mike Kitchens, CB M&M Parrish Realtors

“I asked them what they thought and if dotloop was something they could work with. The words were barely out of my mouth when they asked how quickly they could start using it. The rest is history. dotloop covers everything I’ve ever wanted for a very cost-effective price... The support is amazing. And our admin staff LOVES it; it’s made their lives so much easier.”

Chris Masiello, BHG Masiello Group

"Dotloop was an easy choice for us. It’s easy to use, secure and is simply the best broker solution for us to run a more efficient and progressive brokerage... This type of technology is key to building a sustainable business, and also helping our agents work better together with their clients."

Chadney Barcus, Coldwell Banker

"I’m all about efficiency and there isn’t a product that could even begin to compare… dotloop’s just THAT incredible!"

Matt Kelly, The Kelly & Colombo Group

"Prior to using dotloop we were using a combination of paper and dropbox. It was pretty archaic. We moved on to the dotloop platform because we thought it was the perfect one stop platform for us. Dotloop is about the ability to do things faster and more efficiently. It's improved the process for my staff, my agents and my clients."

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