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How to Create a Real Estate Offer in 10 Minutes or Less on Your Phone



September 09, 2021 | comments

Create and Submit an Offer in Record Time Using the 5 Star-Rated dotloop Mobile App

Watch as dotloop Product Training Specialist Samantha Schultz shows you how to create and submit an offer in record time. All you need is a smartphone and dotloop’s five star-rated real estate mobile app!

Step 1. Download the dotloop App

Download the free Dotloop Mobile App on the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android). Log in.

Step 2. Create a Loop

Tap on the + sign in the bottom right corner of your screen. Name your new loop using the property address.

For the most efficient process, you’ll also want to select a Buying Template for your loop. Loop Templates are created and customized by teams and brokerage offices to provide preset tasks, documents, custom roles and custom view details to eliminate time-consuming duplicate entry. Tap “Done” in the top right.

Step 3. Select Listing

In the Details tab, tap on “Information Needed.” Search by property address or MLS number and select listing. Choose “yes” to link to a listing to import details.

Step 4. Add the Financials

Add Financial information. Include Offer Date, Closing Date, Contract Information, Inspection Data, Offer Expiration Date, Referral info, Geographic Description, Property info and all other necessary details. Tap “Done.”

Step 5. Add People Involved

Next, move to the People tab. Tap on the + sign to the right to add your client. Select roles and save. Assign yourself the role as “Buying Agent.”

Pro Tip: Go to the Global People Section before creating offers to add people info ahead of time. That way, you’ll always have your clients’ information preloaded and at your fingertips.

quote from real estate pro

“Our daughter, Jessica Beggins, was in a multiple offer situation… …while the clients were viewing the house, she stayed in her car and wrote the offer with the dotloop mobile app using a hotspot on her phone. She drafted the entire offer package and submitted it to the listing agent in 5 minutes, and they got the house.”

Angelique Beggins, COO

Step 6. Add Documents

Move to the Docs tab. When you use Loop Templates, dotloop will automatically pull in your Buying and Contracts folders. Open Contract to Purchase and tap “Show Me” at the bottom to see all your autofillable information. Scroll left to right to see all autofilled data and any fields that need to be autofilled. Once you confirm all data is there, tap “Autofill.” To add autofillable data, simply tap on the fields and start typing. Save.

Step 7. Add Property Disclosure

Next, upload a Property Disclosure so buyers can initial and sign. There are several options to do this: Tap on the + Sign to the right of Documents; scan Property Disclosure; add from photos; or add the property disclosure via email. If adding via email, select the folder where you’ll be placing the email. Dotloop will generate the email. Tap “Copy to Clipboard.” Go to your emails and forward the email to the address copied to your clipboard. Or, open the PDF in your email and upload and share that file to dotloop. Then simply choose the loop and file where the email needs to go. The document will show up in your Buying Documents folder.

Step 8. Preparing Docs

Prepare the Document with PDF Editing. Now you’re ready to add and assign fields to your buyers. Open the PDF and add and assign initials fields. Next, add signature boxes and assign to your buyer.

Step 9. Share Docs with Clients

Share the Property Disclosure and Contract to Purchase with your client. Select documents and tap “Share.” Share with the buyer.

Step 10. Share Docs with Listing Agent

Once you receive the notification that your client has signed, you’re ready to share the documents with the Listing Agent.

Congratulations! You’ve just submitted an offer in record time!

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