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An Easier Way to Manage Real Estate Transactions

On average, every month, over 150 real estate brokerages and teams switch to dotloop

Dotloop gives real estate brokers visibility into transactions, simplifies compliance for transaction coordinators and empowers agents to create a superior client experience – all in one platform.

Transaction Management Made Simple

Your transaction management software should give you instant access to compliance, eSignatures, document editing, sharing, notifications, mobile app, reporting and storage.


What is dotloop?

Dotloop is more than eSignatures and digital forms. It’s a better way of collaborating.

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dotloop for Brokers

Trusted by 7,600+ real estate brokerages to simplify compliance and gain visibility into their business.

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dotloop for Teams

An intuitive platform designed for real estate teams to collaborate with ultimate efficiency.

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How Does Dotloop Compare to Other Softwares?

With a 48/50 in Popularity Score and a 50/50 in User Rating, dotloop is rated as the best on real estate software solutions

Monitoring real estate transactions

Easy Transaction Monitoring

As a real estate broker, team leader or transaction coordinator, you gain real-time visibility into your business through built-in reporting and instant notifications for updates on the status of any transaction with one log in, one screen.

“I love the ability to be on top of everything that’s going on at all times and where my team’s at with certain transactions.”

Alex Venditti, Real Estate Team Leader
Alex Venditti
Team Leader
The Alex Venditti Group

Text real estate contracts

Share, Edit and eSign Documents via Text

Dotloop’s Messenger increases the client response rate and helps agents stay compliant with exportable conversations.

“During one transaction, the client said they didn’t receive anything via email — so I sent the docs a second time through Messenger. He immediately jumped on it and signed on his phone. I submitted it and closed the deal.”

Tanya Smith, Real Estate Agent
Tanya Smith
Real Estate Agent
Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty

Manage and create tasks

Custom Task Templates

Brokers and team leaders love dotloop’s Task Templates, which provides customizable to-do lists for faster transacting and improved compliance. Agents and admins can create their task lists, and assign with due dates.

“My favorite feature: the ability to assign tasks to members of my team.”

Adam Parent, Real Estate Team Leader
Adam Parent
Team Leader
The Parent Group Team

Tracking real estate transactions

Tag and Track Lead Sources

Maximize budget allocation by easily tagging transactions with the lead source and create reports that tell you which channels are generating quality leads.

“I can tag a loop with the lead source. Then, I can run reports based on that tag, helping us know which leads are working.”

Melanie Poche, Real Estate Transaction Coordinator
Melanie Poche
Transaction Coordinator
Diane LaPlace Team

Submit contracts for review

Submit for Review

Create custom workflows to notify the right people when a deal is ready for review. It’s the easiest way to ensure compliance in transaction management.

“When we started adding up those hours and looking at what it was costing us over the entire month, it was actually cheaper for us to go all-in with dotloop for Teams so our admins didn’t have that log-in, log-out lag time.”

J. Michael Manley, Real Estate Team Leader
J. Michael Manley
Team Leader
J Michael Manley Team

Create Document Templates

Document Templates

Real estate agents and transaction coordinators can create smart document templates or easily access their state and brokerage forms to instantly auto-filled them directly on their phone and submit offers in minutes.

“Dotloop’s templates is where the real power lies, in that it will help you quickly and efficiently create a correct contract, or any document.

Laura Malec, Real Estate Agent
Laura Malec
Real Estate Agent
Keller Williams

Frequently Asked Questions

Most popular questions about dotloop from other real estate professionals

What is dotloop?

Dotloop is the only complete real estate transaction management software that enables brokers, agents, transaction coordinators and clients to collaborate virtually.

Our software solution handles the entire deal from offer to close. And because dotloop touches all stages of the transaction, it gives you real-time visibility into your entire business.

How is dotloop different than competitors?

Whenever you use a point solution for a specific stage of a real estate transaction - such as a solution for eSign or for compliance and storage - you will need to cobble together multiple point solutions to handle the other stages of the deal. With each additional product you use, you’re introducing more complexity, as well as data integrity and security risks. Dotloop is the only holistic transaction management solution on the market.

Think about it this way: Today, your smartphone is your GPS, calculator, camera, notepad, flashlight and much more - all in one device, which makes your life so much easier.

In a similar manner, dotloop gives you eSignatures, a robust document editor, online storage, compliance, reporting and much more. This is is to help you avoid having to connect multiple systems to complete the transaction management process.

To learn more about why dotloop is leading transaction management software for real estate professionals, check out dotloop.com/value.

Which dotloop plan is best for me?

As a managing broker/owner

Dotloop Business+ is designed to give empower managing brokers with real-time visibility into all transactions, easy compliance for transaction coordinators and recruit with the best in class technology for agents.

As a team leader or team member

Dotloop for Teams is the only transaction management platform designed to mitigate the typical collaboration and tracking challenges that real estate teams are faced with every day.

As an individual agent

With dotloop Premium, you no longer have to link multiple systems to edit, share, eSign and store transactions. Additionally, dotloop Premium gives you access to a whole set of features that allow you to close deals from anywhere.

Does dotloop have a mobile app?

Absolutely! From the big screen to the palm of your hand, dotloop for desktop, iOS and Android are all designed to keep up with the on-the-go lifestyle of top-performing agents.

Can I integrate dotloop with my CRM?

Yes. Dotloop seamlessly integrates with over 75 real estate platforms, from the most popular CRMs and accounting systems to your email marketing provider.


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