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Simplifying Real Estate Transactions

Welcome to dotloop 2.0

Congrats! You've been hand-picked to help us test and perfect dotloop 2.0 - the most intuitive and capable dotloop yet. This new transaction experience is all about simplicity and removing unnecessary friction so brokers, teams, agents and clients can seamlessly collaborate.

New transaction management for real estate

Take 2.0 for a Test Drive

If you’re among the few to get invited, follow the steps below. Haven’t received an invite? Don’t worry, get early access by joining our waitlist.

A better way to automate real estate compliance

1. Open or create a loop

Click here to sign in to your dotloop account and open any existing transaction or create a new one.

2. Flip the switch

Once you’re inside any transaction, toggle the “Try out new view” switch in the yellow bar at the top of your screen.

3. Share your feedback

As you explore dotloop’s new transaction experience, make sure to share your feedback by clicking the link at the top of your screen.

Less Guesswork. More Transparency.

A new intuitive interface makes navigating transactions effortless by conveniently placing all elements - documents, people, tasks, notes and details - right at your fingertips.

More User-Friendly Features

Update transaction details – type, status, price and closing date – directly from the header.
Leverage a new document preview mode to quickly sort through paperwork and see the sharing status with no clicks.
Conveniently share, reshare, submit for review and archive documents directly from preview mode.
Reorder and move documents between folders with intuitive drag & drop.
See advanced document details to see who has access to each document and their permission level.
Visualize a more accessible platform for everyone with new ADA compliance features.

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Mobile transaction management for REALTORS

Document Share Routing

NEW | Document Shared Routing

Share Routing is a more efficient way to get documents signed and reviewed. Quickly select the people, assign their permission and determine the order in which they need to receive a document. Then track it as it automatically moves from person to person.

Simplified share permissions. Give each person the appropriate permission – Can Sign, Can View and Can Review – to match what they need to do with the document.
Additional controls. Add a personal touch by including a private message for each person. Create and update the routing order with easy drag & drop and withdraw documents when needed.
Real-time tracking. Always know where the document is, who has access to it and gently nudge recipients with quick reminders to take action.
Enhanced compliance. Include Admins in the routing with “Can Review” permission to avoid errors later on.

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Desktop Share Routing

Work Anywhere

Easily copy documents from your phone
Manage real estate documents from your phone

More Coming Soon

Dotloop’s re-architected foundation will accelerate innovation to empower real estate professionals with a future-proof platform to thrive in any housing market

shared routing for real estate document

Share Routing Templates

Effortlessly move documents from person to person in the right order with the proper permissions to accelerate transactions.

enhanced real estate compliance

Enhanced Admin Compliance

Simplify collaboration between admins and agents to make the document review process almost enjoyable.

tasks management

Task Management

Boost productivity with a more robust task manager that is conveniently built into the transaction so everyone can stay on track.

amplified online security

Amplified Security

Taking security to the next level. Dotloop is partnering with Auth0 - the industry standard in online security to keep you and your clients safe.

transaction notes for real estate

Transaction Notes

We're giving you more organizational tools in a single workspace to consolidate all conversations related to the transaction.

best online document editor

Next Gen Document Editor

Writing offers and modifying contracts on any device is about to get even easier with our next-gen document editor.

Questions About Dotloop 2.0

What are the new dotloop 2.0 features?

Below are some of the key benefits and features that are available in the current beta experience. As new functionality becomes available, we will make sure to notify you ASAP.

Documents and compliance

  • Document Share Routing gives you the ability to qickly select the people, signing permission and order in which they need to receive a document.
  • New document preview mode with thumbnails that put everything at a glance
  • New user avatars to show document sharing status and access level
  • New document details section to show access level and additional information
  • Simplified sharing and resharing of documents
  • Color coding badges for document status
  • Seamless drag-and-drop to move and copy documents between folders
  • New submit for compliance flow with step-by-step instructions for a more efficient experience

Ease-of-use, mobile and accessibility

  • A new layout to easily leverage all aspects of the transaction - documents, people, tasks, notes, activity log and notifications - quickly and easily
  • A new cohesive transaction experience across any device with an interface that enables you to perform the same actions on your phone as your desktop
  • Spanish translation of dotloop’s user interface
  • Support of voice-over capabilities
  • Better color contrast for visually impaired users

How can I access dotloop 2.0?

If you received an email invitation to be part of our beta testing group, just follow these three quick steps:

  1. Sign in to your account and open or create a new loop (transaction)
  2. Activate dotloop 2.0 on by clicking on the yellow bar at the top of your screen
  3. As you explore dotloop 2.0, make sure to share your feedback

If you did not receive an invite, don’t worry, you can request early access by joining the waitlist.

Can I switch back to dotloop Classic?

You sure can! Once you activate dotloop 2.0, at the top of every loop (transaction) there will be a blue bar with two links, one to provide feedback and one to switch back to the standard view. You can switch back and forth as many times as you want.

How do I provide feedback?

Within dotloop 2.0, at the top of every loop (transaction), there will be a blue bar with a link to share your feedback.

Can my brokerage or team access dotloop 2.0?

If your brokerage or team use dotloop Business+ or dotloop for Teams, you can reach out to your Success Manager and request to activate dotloop 2.0 or simply request early access.

Will dotloop 2.0 offer the same functionality?

While dotloop 2.0 has most of the functionality you are used to, there are some features like tasks and notes that will be migrated to the new experience at a later date. But don’t worry, you can easily switch back and forth between the new experience and the standard view with a simple click. Below are some of the features that will not YET be available in BETA.


  • Faxing documents through dotloop


  • Ability to update the folder stage for admins
  • Admin “Needs Review” banner with a total number of documents that need to be reviewed


  • All functionality related to tasks will only be available in the standard view


  • Displaying and adding Trusted Service Providers in a loop
  • Introducing one loop participant to another


  • View a message or thread to loop participants
  • Add a message or thread to loop participants


  • Filter adjustment
  • Marking notifications as read


  • Editing loop photo
  • Earnnest app integration
  • Set up Easy Offer folder
  • Complete Spanish translation

Can I tell others?

Absolutely! If you know someone who would be a great beta tester, share the news with them.