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Online Training

Our Training team has scheduled multiple online webinars to show users how to leverage dotloop’s technology to stay connected with clients.


real estate training videos


Check out our video training series to learn everything from adding your association to sending contract via text. Start learning today!

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Real estate documents

Worksheets & Templates

Access new interactive forms within your account to educate and wow your clients. Select from a mortgage calculator, checkists and more.


dotloop Support

Support Articles

Want step-by-step directions to the most frequently asked questions? Visit our free support website and check out hundreds of articles.

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Part of a Real Estate Team?

dotloop for Teams


Discover why over 2,600 Real Estate Teams leverage dotloop’s Teams dashboard to operate like a brokerage within a brokerage and create a superior customer experience with:

  • Transaction templates
  • Act-on-behalf functionality
  • Custom compliance workflows
  • Secure logins for each team member
  • Real-time push notifications and more

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Agent Training

Basic Training

Whether you just got started with dotloop or need a refresher, our basic training will help you navigate your account and efficiently close deals.

  • Account overview
  • How to create a transaction
  • How to edit, share and eSign docs
  • How to create tasks
  • How to submit for review

Length: 58 minutes

Other versions of this training: in Spanish, for California agents.

Advanced Training

Experienced looper? Join our advanced training session to learn about popular features that will help you streamline transactions even further.

  • How to create form templates
  • How to create task lists
  • How to create an “Easy-Offer” link
  • How to link to a listing with offers
  • How to create a loop via email
  • How to email into templates

Length: 52 minutes

Mobile App Training

Learn how to navigate dotloop’s mobile app and take advantage of the app-only features. Available for iOS and Android.

  • How to edit, share and sign docs
  • Shared docs with clients via text
  • Export text conversations
  • Add docs from other apps
  • Host in-person signing
  • Submit for compliance and more

Length: 30 minutes

Length: 29 minutes

Request Earnest Money Transfer via the New Earnnest Integration

Dotloop’s new partnership with Earnnest makes the digital transfer of earnest money deposits simple and secure with banking-level encryption. Watch this short, 13-minute demo to learn more about this integration.

  • Requesting earnest money as an agent
  • What the clients experience is like
  • Automated payment receipts

Length: 13 minutes

Notarize Your Real Estate Documents Digitally

Learn how real estate agents can notarize documents 10X faster through our integrations with Notarize. The webinar covers:

  • What is online notarization
  • Setting up your Notarize account
  • How to connect your accounts
  • How to notarize documents
  • How to sync docs back to dotloop
  • Best practices

Length: 24 minutes

How Do I Write a Strong Offer?

Join us as guest presenter and subject matter expert Karen Schlosser takes an in depth look at the techniques used by agents today to win offers for their clients.

  • 10 ways to make your offer stand out
  • 3 pre-offer questions to ask the listing agent
  • Clauses/contingencies that make or break offers

Length: 49 minutes

Interest Rates | The 1/10 Rule

Join subject matter expert Karen Schlosser as she explains how interest rates affect your client’s budget in what is known as the 1/10 rule. During this webinar you’ll discover:

  • How rising rates affect the real estate market
  • How they affect buying power
  • How to use the 1/10 rule to talk about interest rates with your clients

Length: 15 minutes

Task Templates

Join us as guest presenter and dotloop expert, Carolyn Thompson shares task template best practices. During this webinar we will cover:

  • Integrating dotloop with Google Calendar
  • Creating task templates to share with agents
  • Adding example task lists to templates

Length: 30 minutes

dotloop 2.0 for Agents

Learn about the features available for agents in this new transaction experience. During this webinar we will cover:

  • How to get early access to dotloop 2.0
  • Deep dive into new and exciting features
  • How to share feedback directly with our developers

Length: 40 minutes

Admin Training

Brokerage Admin Training

This training is designed to help brokerage admins and transaction coordinators streamline compliance and increase productivity with dotloop Business+.

  • Document review process
  • Dashboard organization
  • Template customization
  • People management
  • Workflow modification

Length: 49 minutes

To learn more about dotloop Business+, visit

Team Admin Training

This training is designed to help Team Leaders and admins enhance collaboration and accelerate compliance through the team dashboard.

  • Document review process
  • Adding/removing members
  • Dashboard branding set up
  • Template customization
  • Acting-on-behalf

Length: 55 minutes

To learn more about dotloop for Teams, visit

Setting Up Your Dotloop Admin Account

In this 40-minute webinar, we will cover the highlights of setting up your Admin account and getting you and your office started with dotloop!

  • How to request custom forms
  • How to manage forms
  • How to share forms with your office
  • How to create custom office templates

Length: 40 minutes

Running Compliance as an Admin

This 20-minute session will highlight the compliance process from the agent and admin perspectives along with diving into dotloop workflows so you can get your office or team’s compliance process up and running in this all-in-one transaction management platform.

  • Submitting for Review
  • Keeping transactions organized
  • Reviewing documents

Length: 18 minutes

Organizing Your Transactions as an Admin

The basic fundamentals of managing the My Loops page under an Admin profile are the same as those used for any Agent profile. However, as an Admin, you have a few added features to filter through on this page. Watch this mini-session on filtering to better understand these Admin features.

  • How to add/remove tags
  • How to fitlers using tags
  • How to sort transactions by agent name

Length: 10 minutes

Team Admins: Acting on Behalf of an Agent

This is a quick, 5-minute session covering the On Behalf Of feature for Teams. As an admin for your dotloop team, you have the ability to complete actions on behalf of your agents.

  • Switch between profiles
  • Share documents as an agent
  • Tracking activy done on behalf of an agent

Length: 4 minutes

dotloop 2.0 for Admins

Learn how dotloop’s new transaction experience helps admins remove unnecessary friction so brokers, teams, agents, and clients can seamlessly collaborate.

  • How to get early access to the new experience
  • Deep dive into the new compliance tools
  • How to setup share routing templates

Length: 40 minutes

Entrenamiento en Español

Entrenamiento Para Agentes

Ya sea que esté comenzando con Dotloop o necesite un repaso, nuestro entrenamiento básico lo ayudará a navegar Dotloop, crear transacciónes y cerrar tratos de manera eficiente.

  • Como usar tus documentos
  • Como crear listas de tarea
  • Como usar la liga de “Oferta-Facil”
  • Como crear una liga para una venta
  • Como crear un loop de tu correo
  • Como mandar documentos de tu correo

Length: 1 hr 40 minutes

Entrenamiento Para Administradores

Esta capacitación está diseñada para ayudar a los administradores de oficinas y a los coordinadores de transacciones a optimizar el cumplimiento y aumentar la productividad con dotloop Business+.

  • Como revisar documentos
  • Como organizar tu cuenta
  • Como crear plantillas de transacciones
  • Como administrar tus contactos
  • Como crear un loop de tu correo
  • Como modificar los flujos para revisar

Length: 1 hr 15 minutes

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Our most intuitive and capable transaction experience is now in beta. Make sure to request early access to test drive the latest features and updates.

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