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Dotloop PRO Webinar: Key Takeaways



September 23, 2021 | comments

Hear How Our Professional Services Help You Hand Off Daily Dotloop-Related Tasks to our Experts To Do the Work for You

Watch this short video hosted by dotloop’s Rachel Priess and Beth Simon to see how dotloop PRO will do the heavy lifting so you can spend more time building relationships and closing deals.

If you’re using dotloop Business+, dotloop for Teams, or even dotloop Premium, and you need a helping hand in setting up those key tasks that you don’t always have time to do on your own, like Field Calculations and Custom Templates, visit our dotloop PRO overview page. Or click below to book a discovery call, get a personal demo or request custom pricing.

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Custom Templates

Let our well-versed dotloop Pro staff help you customize your dotloop Templates with a process that makes the most sense for the way you operate your business. Schedule a call with one of our friendly, knowledgeable dotloop Pro members and we can set up your Documents, apply your Task Lists, implement Field Calculations and arrange Workflows, eliminating a week of work or more off your to-do list.

Field Calculations

Still using Excel spreadsheets? Let us do the math. We’ll take field calculations from an Excel form and translate it into formulas that live in a dotloop document. We can also set up the formatting to calculate percentages in a complicated Commission Disbursement Sheet; prepare Buyer or Seller Estimated Net Sheets; and figure Purchase Contracts.

HR Dashboard

Onboard new agents while familiarizing them with the transaction management system they’ll be using all on Day One. Our team of dotloop Pro experts will help your team or brokerage set up a secure HR dashboard, complete with Document Templates, Loop Templates, Workflows and even tax forms to help ease end-of-year tax woes.

Best Practices

Maybe your brokerage needs to update a workflow? Or perhaps you need to trigger a Buyer Agency Agreement in a different sequence? Whatever process you need help with, our team of dotloop Pro experts can help!

Premium User?

You don’t have to be a Business+ or dotloop for Teams subscriber to take advantage of dotloop Pro services. We also assist agents who might need help autofilling a document or using Task Lists to create best-in-class operational excellence.

Get Started

With dotloop Pro, you can call in and talk to one of our experts who will assist with those daily tasks that may be too time consuming for your staff. Best of all, the dotloop Pro service is priced on an opt-in/opt-out quarterly basis so it’s incredibly affordable.

dotloop PRO Professional Services for Real Estate Agents, Teams and Brokers

Need Help Scaling Your Brokerage or Team?

Dotloop PRO gives brokers and teams the flexibility to focus on growing their business by removing repetitive daily tasks.

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