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Real Estate Reports and Trends

Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate
Learn how AI can help you improve clients’ home search, strengthen lead gen, improve recruiting, refine the transaction and better predict market values.
5 Trends that Will Impact Real Estate in 2019
Learn what real estate pros can do to combat lower commission rates, volatile inventory and other 2019 trends.
The End of the Traditional Real Estate Brokerage
Streamlining collaboration in real estate is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. Don't get blindsided by the collaborative model.
Myths About Technology that Kill Agent Adoption
There are a lot of myths floating around when it comes to real estate technology, in particular, successful adoption of new tools across brokerages.
Must-Have Real Estate Tech and How to Choose It
There is a big difference between using multiple tools vs. one ecosystem of carefully chosen platforms that fuel business growth.
"Indie Brokerages Strengths and Threats" by Inman
See what advantages and threats independent real estate brokerages are faced with and how they are going toe-to-toe with giants.
"Redefining the Workspace In Real Estate" by REAL Trends
Learn how technology is transforming the office space in Real Estate brokerages.
"The Real Estate Teams Playbook" by REAL Trends
Learn how the most successful real estate teams organize themselves and how they operate. Gain insight into the evolution of teams.

Infographics, Templates and Checklists

Two Essential Checklists for Transaction Coordinators
Never miss a deadline with admin and transaction coordinator workflows and checklists that keep agents, teams and brokerages on track and on time.
Infographic: 12 Fun Facts About First-Time Homebuyers
This infographic and “First-Time Homebuyer’s Checklist” will help you guide first-time buyers through one of the biggest decisions of their lives. Download your free copy today!
Infographic: Moving Real Estate at the Speed of Life
Dotloop’s infographic showcases all of our cool product features in video and a downloadable PDF. Get your copy today!
Real Estate Listing Presentation Template
We’re giving you a template to showcase why your prospects should choose you and designed it to be hosted directly in dotloop.
The dotloop for Clients Handout
Have your clients asked: What’s dotloop? This flyer is designed to help your clients get familiarized with dotloop and the online signing experience.
Infographic: All about Millennials in Real Estate
The millennial generation is the most valuable asset in real estate. Get to know the generation that is shaping our industry.
Top Real Estate Trends in 4 Infographics
Discover the difference between the real estate expectations of Millennials and Baby Boomers and what they want from an agent.
Infographic: What Millennials Expect From Real Estate Agents
Visually understand how tech and generational preferences can shift the direction of your brokerage.
Is a Housing Downturn Coming?
Learn the facts about what economists are forecasting and the steps you can take to prepare.
Texting is Changing How Real Estate Transacts
Learn how texting is changing the way real estate transacts by downloading this free infographic and how dotloop helps empower agents to communicate with clients.
Infographic: Today's Real Estate Agents
See what matters most to today’s agents and what they look for in a brokerage.

Guides and Case Studies

Brokerage Punches Above Its Weight Class Using Integrations
How a Broker Owner propelled his brokerage by implementing a strategy around integrations between platforms designed specifically for real estate.
Case Study: How dotloop Helps Mega Agent Close More Deals
Nick Libert, one of Chicago’s top producing real estate agents uses dotloop to delight clients and focus time and resources to close more deals.
4-Step Guide to Implementing a Collaborative Platform
By adopting an end-to-end transaction platform, brokerages have the potential for huge gains in productivity and compliance today.
10 Ways to Recruit Millennial Real Estate Agents
Millennials are our most valuable clients and our hardest-working agents. How do you attract them to work at your brokerage?
A Team Leader’s Formula for Success
Listen as Jeff Cohn, team owner of the #1 real estate team in Nebraska unpacks the key components of a top-producing team and his strategy to success.
How to Start a Real Estate Expansion Team
The benefits of an expansion team are clear: increased profit, expanded lead generation and better branding. But when is the right time to expand and what do you need?
Guide: Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents
Learn what the best lead generation sources are for real estate agents and how to create a long-term strategy that will win over short-term hacks.
Top 3 Downloads for Real Estate Brokers
Learn how to address the 3 main hurdles brokerages face: recruiting, agent development and adoption of the tools provided.

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