real estate online security

5 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Protect Their Data from Hackers

August 22, 2019

Real Estate Presents a Prime Target Among Cybercriminals. Use These Measures to Keep Your Transaction Data Secure. When a bar patron “accidentally” bumped into Denver resident Taiya Andrews, she didn’t think much about it. Only later did she realize her cellphone had been stolen from her purse. Unfortunately, the theft of an expensive electronic device […]

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Real Estate Webinar Recording

Webinar Recording | Achieving Work-Life Balance in Real Estate

July 25, 2019

Streamline Processes So You Can Focus On Your Passions As a real estate agent, you obviously want to produce sales and deliver exceptional client experiences, but as you grow with your business it can be easy to lose focus on the people that matter most in your life, as well as the other passions you’d […]

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Real Estate Accounting Software-1

Dotloop’s Most Popular Accounting and Backend Integrations

July 22, 2019

Forecast Pending Commissions, View Future Business and Get Paid Faster In this final installment of a 3-part series (part 1 and part 2), dotloop’s leading accounting and backend integration partners detail how syncing to their systems can help real estate brokers and agents manage even the most complicated commission structures, see what business is waiting […]

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Transform Weak Team Members

5 Ways Real Estate Team Leaders Can Coach Up Underperformers

July 11, 2019

Cutting Ties With Struggling Team Members can be Costly. Instead, Transform Them into Top Achievers. Successful real estate teams rely on every team member to perform their job to the fullest potential. When a team is firing on all cylinders, all members enjoy greater revenue growth, a sense of unity and the deep satisfaction of […]

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dotloop marketing integrations

Dotloop’s Most Popular Marketing and Automation Integrations

June 11, 2019

Have Fun Building Automation and Smart Marketing Campaigns by Connecting Your Real Estate Apps In this part 2 of a 3-part series, dotloop’s leading marketing and automation integration partners detail how syncing to their systems saves real estate pros time and money. (See part 1.) From digital advertising and marketing systems to productivity tools that […]

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Virtual real estate brokerage

How Virtual Brokerage Mobile Tools Can Move Your Business

May 28, 2019

See What Brokers and Agents Love About the Virtual Model With the digital-first business model offering real estate agents and brokers flexibility, scalability and significant cost savings, what’s not to love for real estate pros looking to expand their business? An innovation that first began as a means to cut costs is now largely influencing […]

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Real Estate iBuyers

iBuying: A Passing Trend or Paradigm Shift in Real Estate?

May 15, 2019

What’s In It For The Broker and Agent? Backed by millions of venture capital, iBuying is moving in fast to the real estate market. But is it a movement that’s here to stay for the long term and what’s in it for the agent, admin and broker? Recently, Inman posted an article in which the […]

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Dotloop’s Most Popular CRM & Lead Gen Integration Partners

May 3, 2019

Connect Your Platforms to Seamlessly Track ROI, Nurture Leads, Measure Agent Performance and More In this part 1 of a three-part series, dotloop’s leading CRM and lead gen integration partners detail how syncing to their systems saves real estate pros time and money. From CRMs and marketing systems to transaction management and back-end accounting platforms, […]

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real estate commission

5 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Retain the Full Commission

April 17, 2019

Effectively Demonstrate the Value of Your Expertise Real estate agents dread when a home seller asks for a discount on their listing commission. But with a few simple tips, you can turn this potentially awkward conversation into the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your full value. In an age of do-it-yourself online research, consumers have all […]

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