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Your Pocket-Sized Transaction Management Software

Unlock more features with the free mobile app: Scan documents with your phone, eSign contracts via text and add documents from other apps like Dropbox & Google Drive.

Manage Transactions, Anywhere, Anytime

You’re constantly on the move and you need a transaction management solution that empowers you to stay connected to your business and clients. That’s why we built a mobile app where you can easily monitor all transactions as well as edit, share, eSign and collaborate directly from your phone.

  • Document management
  • eSignatures
  • Host in-person signing
  • Share docs via text
  • Export text conversations
  • Group messaging
  • Mobile document scanner
  • Convert pictures into PDFs
  • Upload from photo library
  • Task management
  • Push notificaitons
  • Submit for compliance
  • Add docs from Dropbox or Google Drive
Transaction management with top rated mobile app

Edit and share contract on the go

Prepare and Modify Real Estate Contracts

Real estate is all about timing. We packed all the necessary tools into an easy-to-use app, so you can counter and submit offers with a few taps.

eSign Contracts via Text

You already text your clients, so why not send and eSign contracts via text with the ability to export conversations? Learn more.

Scan Contracts With Your Phone

The dotloop mobile app turns your smartphone into a portable scanner. Take a picture of a document and convert it into an editable PDF. Learn more.

Host In-Person signing

A must-have feature during open houses and showings. When your clients are ready, load the contract and hand over your phone for signatures.

Text Contracts to Clients?

Dotloop’s mobile app has a built-in text messenger that helps you stay compliant and substantially increases your client’s response time while making it easy to share documents.

With our native Messenger, real estate agents get much more than just texting:

  • Share contracts via text
  • Export conversations for compliance
  • Unlimited group-messaging
  • Read receipts
  • Text from desktop
  • Stamping of document edits
  • Import contacts from phone
  • Upload images from phone
Text real estate contracts to clients

Stay on track with task management

Staying Organized, Keeps You Compliant

With real-time push notification, task management and the ability to submit documents for compliance, real estate agents and transaction coordinators can seamlessly collaborate to keep deals on track get offers accepted.

Instant Notifications

Know exactly when contracts are signed, approved or modified. Also, if you have a task assigned to you, dotloop will let you know immediately.

Task Management

The dotloop app lets you assign tasks to anyone in the transaction, set a due date and track progress as the deal moves forward.

Submit and Review Documents

As contracts get signed and the deal is getting near closing, agents can easily send their documents for compliance and transaction coordinators can review them directly from the app.

Learn more about dotloop Business+, the complete transaction management solution for brokerages.

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We’ve packed all the tools you need to execute contracts into one app. Edit, share, eSign and much more – all from your phone.

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Is Your Real Estate Transaction Management Software Truly Mobile?

Dotloop's mobile app experience for real estate brokers and agents can not be matched. The reviews say it all - 4.8/5 stars with over 48,000 ratings

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“I love dotloop”

“I am a smaller brokerage and was nervous about spending the money for dotloop even though it is reasonable. I will tell you that since I have been using dotloop, my business has been more efficient and I have increased my productivity by 40%. I highly recommend it.”

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“Awesome app”

“I am a real estate agent and this app makes everything so easy. I can send clients items to sign in a minute without having to meet or use a fax machine... Saves so much time and they are always adding new features to make the app and dotloop software easier.”

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“REALTORS love dotloop!”

“I literally could not do my job as well without dotloop. I have negotiated contracts via my iPhone or iPad. It allows my clients in different parts of the world to e-sign and is great for editing PDFs or counter offers… life [is] so much easier for my clients and for me.”

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