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Dotloop empowers brokers with:
  • Real-time transaction tracking
  • Robust compliance and reporting
  • The best agent tools for recruiting
  • 65+ seamless software integrations

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Best Real Estate Transaction Management Software

Dotloop is an end-to-end real estate transaction management software designed to streamline collaboration by consolidating compliance, storage, form editing and digital signatures into a single platform.

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Meeting All Your Transaction Management Needs

real estate transaction management software

Track Deals and Grow Your Brokerage

With robust reporting tools, brokers have full visibility into their business, from deals that are under contract to measuring individual agent performance.

best real estate transaction management software

Recruit with Best-in-Class Technology for Agents

Dotloop helps agents streamline transactions by bringing eSignatures, documents and storage into a single mobile app (available for iOS and Android).

compliance for real estate transactions

Simplify Compliance for Transaction Coordinators

Simplify transaction compliance with automated workflows and custom task templates that will help you speed up the document review process.

integrate your transaction management

Easily Integrate Your CRM and Other Software Tools

With over 65 integrations, you can seamlessly connect your CRM, accounting and marketing platforms to your transaction management software.

real estate transaction templates

Transaction Templates Your Agents Will Love

Save time and keep agents compliant with listing and buying transaction templates that contain all the required forms, people and checklists.

real estate document editing

Extensive Forms Coverage and a Full Forms Editor

In addition to a robust document editor, dotloop partnered with over 150 local and state associations to provide you with comprehensive forms coverage.

Chosen By 6,500+ Real Estate Brokers

Transaction management software designed for growth

C21 North East

"After reaching $25M in GCI, I said 'OK, this is never going away, we're keeping this software!'"

Metro Brokers

"Make dotloop part of your brokerage model and change the way real estate transacts"

Parks Realty

"Dotloop is more than esignatures and forms, it's a complete transaction software"

Top Real Estate Brands Trust dotloop

Questions From Other Brokers

FAQs about our real estate transaction management software.

How can dotloop help me expand my brokerage?

Dotloop is an ideal solution for growing real estate brokerages with multiple offices and locations - especially across states. That’s why so many brokerages and agents use dotloop’s end-to-end transaction management platform to stay connected with their admins, clients and other agents.

Does dotloop integrate with CRMs and other software?

Yes, dotloop transaction management integrates with more than 65 leading real estate software partners including CRMs, marketing, accounting and other backend systems to sync data, fuel reporting and perform useful functions like creating 1099s.

For a full list of our integrations, visit

How can dotloop help me streamline compliance?

With dotloop, real estate brokers and transaction coordinators can simplify and accelerate the compliance process with features like:

Automated Workflows
Tell dotloop who, what and when needs to happen based on the transaction type or stage. For instance, as soon as a transaction goes under contract, you can set up logic in dotloop to notify you or anyone on your team to start the review process.

Transaction Templates
Imagine if you could ensure that every time your agents start a transaction, all the required documents, people and tasks are automatically added without having to remind them.

Dotloop gives you the power to create templates for each type of transaction (listing, buying, renting, etc.) so agents don’t have to spend time setting up documents and admins can speed up compliance.

Activity Log
To ensure that your brokerage is always protected and compliant, dotloop’s activity log tracks every action taken throughout the entire deal. Know with confidence who did what and when, so you can rest easy in case of an audit.

Can I schedule a call with a sales business consultant?

Absolutely! You can schedule a free 10-minute discovery call below with a Sales Business Consultant to learn more about dotloop Business+ or to schedule a full demo.

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Best Real Estate Transaction Management Software

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