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How to Run a Winning Real Estate Team Sales Meeting



February 17, 2023 | comments

In Part 2 of the series, “Leadership Strategies to Help Grow and Scale Real Estate Teams” Real Estate Coach and Consultant Sherri Johnson explains how team leads can use the sales meeting to drive more listings, sales and productivity among agents.

As a real estate broker, coach and manager of successful sales teams, I’ve always viewed the sales team meeting as the biggest networking event of the week for real estate teams. This is where your team comes together and where you give them information, recognition, energy and literally hope. With this weekly meeting, you can help them compete and win at a higher level.

The entire meeting is a complete value-add of your ability to help coach, train, motivate, recognize and hold your agents accountable. Here are 5 tips to help team leads drive results with their agents using a weekly sales meeting.

5 Tips to Get More Results from Your Real Estate Sales Meeting

  1. Hold a Weekly Team Meeting. Save for a national holiday, you should strive to hold a meeting every week with the singular goal of driving more team success. This critical time provides an opportunity to communicate, facilitate, drive and motivate success.

    Think of the weekly sales meeting as a freight train going top speed. You have to keep that momentum going every week. If you start and stop a train, the momentum starts and stops. It’s hard to regain that momentum – you have to slow down to stop and then start up again, but by keeping a consistent weekly team meeting, you can help drive results.

  2. Emanate the Energy You Want for Your Team. The speed of the leader determines the rate of your agents. What kind of energy are you bringing to the team? When I see a team that’s not performing, all too often I see a team leader who’s not engaged or communicating. You have to infuse the energy that you want to see in your team. If your agents are walking around the office with low energy, look at what type of energy you’re putting out there.
  3. Match-make at the Meeting. The weekly team sales meeting provides an excellent opportunity to match new listings with agents who bring potential buyers. It’s also a time when your top performers can come together with your low performers and help drive and motivate success. Maybe your agents will bring up needs that you can help solve. Or you might host a panel of 2-3 agents, who aren’t necessarily your top agents but have accomplished something successful, and you want them to share with the rest of the team. Create an environment at the sales meeting where people want to come and feel like they’re missing something if they don’t because they’re getting such great results.
  4. Flywheel Low Performers to Success. Think of your team meetings as a flywheel, which, if all goes well, will bring even your lowest performers into a higher production level. Use an agenda and a leaderboard and talk about your team goals. Agents love to see their names on the gamification boards in your office. You have to say to yourself, “How do I get these other people in the office to become more engaged, sell more and intentionally build their business?”
  5. Set a Results-Driven Agenda. The weekly sales meeting is a time to talk about team goals and to deliver great content. Are you talking about admin things or sales? How can we increase and close the learning gap so agents can win listings, negotiate better, prospect better, as well as acquire and close more appointments?

    You might white-board how your team plans to generate more listings by holding a community event, farming a neighborhood or expanding their sphere. While you’re often the one providing the information, you’ll be surprised how many ideas they’ll offer and exchange with each other. After you list all their ideas, ask everyone to commit to 2-3 things to drive their success this month.

What Your Sales Meeting Is:

  • A weekly networking opportunity to help drive listings and sales
  • A place to share average sales price, team listings and other key metrics
  • A discussion of monthly listing goals, lead gen ideas and open house traffic
  • A tally of who’s working on what
  • A forward-thinking lead generating session
  • A talk-track training and tech coaching opportunity
  • An environment where agents share success-building ideas
  • An impromptu brainstorming session
  • A time to hold agents accountable and recognize performance
  • A weekly contest giveaway

What Your Sales Meeting Is Not:

  • A complaint session
  • A discussion of problems without solutions
  • A place for agents to dump their “baggage”

If you take the time to plan, execute and deliver an outstanding, impactful meeting, your team sales meeting has the potential to be the very best one-hour of the week to infuse energy, keep your agents focused, and communicate better scripts and ways to overcome objections. If you do that, everyone on your team will win.

Sherri Johnson - Real Estate Coach

Sherri Johnson

Sherri Johnson is CEO and founder of Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting. With 25 years of experience in real estate as a top agent, broker and executive, Sherri offers exclusive custom, one-to-one coaching and tailored consulting services. A highly sought-after keynote speaker delivering high energy and real solutions, Sherri has been named a RISMedia Real Estate Newsmaker in 2020 and 2021 as an industry influencer and thought leader. The author of the on-demand Sherri Johnson Academy and 90-Day Boot Camp, Sherri is a preferred coach, consultant and speaker for top 10 international brands and brokerages. For more information on Sherri Johnson Agent, Manager, Team Coaching and Consulting, visit