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Agents: Are you making sure your broker is happy?

July 27, 2012

Technologies specifically developed for the real estate industry can make your broker extremely happy. Since such technologies are meant to facilitate real estate processes, this should come as no surprise. However, most people don’t realize the extent to which such technologies can aid anyone who works in the real estate industry. They make brokers happy […]

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Real Estate Transaction management

3 Easy Ways to Simplify and “Green” Your Office

July 26, 2012

“Going green” not only helps you protect the environment, but it also helps protect your wallet in more than one way. Less energy used in the office translates to lower heating and cooling bills while the right devices can also decrease costs for paper and other non-essential items thanks to technology. Follow these three easy […]

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How Real Estate Technology Can Help You Spend Less and Sell More

July 25, 2012

We’ve already told you that the most successful real estate agents are efficient, positive thinkers with determination and good communication skills. They constantly rethink and reevaluate the way they do business, and they keep pace with technology. Staying on the cutting edge of technology may sound daunting – and even expensive – but in reality […]

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Organize your business to avoid redundancy

July 23, 2012

In business, the only thing that should be done on a repeated basis is making money. The reason for that is simply because if you have to do the same thing twice to get the same result, the end result then basically costs twice as much to make. Time is money and especially so for […]

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4 Traits Possessed by Highly Effective Agents

July 19, 2012

It’s a well-known fact that certain traits are more likely to lead to success than others. Nevertheless, since it’s naturally difficult to change behaviors and attitudes, lazy people tend not to become hard-working from one day to the next and one can’t expect a lot of innovation from individuals who are accustomed to following the […]

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Re: 8 trends shaping the real estate industry

July 19, 2012 recently published an article and video that highlighted the May 2012 NAR report, Simplify: 8 Real Estate Trends In a Time of Uncertainty, discussing trends that are starting to shape the real estate industry. After reviewing the article and 8 trends report, it became quite apparent how dotloop’s efforts over the last 3 or […]

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Organize Your Search for a House to Find a “Happy Home”

July 18, 2012

When people search for a new home, they can be easily blinded by emotions. In a way, it’s akin to the rush of exciting feelings, hopes, and dreams that come into play at the start of a beautiful relationship. You feel excited about meeting someone you have always dreamed of, happy that he or she […]

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Avoiding an Agent’s Worst Nightmare by using Real Estate Technology

July 17, 2012

When a REALTOR meets with a client, there are a number of situations that could turn a regular, easy-going day into a veritable nightmare. The following rank among the worst of those unfortunate occurrences that could happen to any unprepared REALTOR: • “Where’s the Wi-Fi?”: These are just about the last words that a REALTOR […]

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Three Reasons Why Agents are Afraid to Adopt New Real Estate Technology

July 16, 2012

Technologies that can help REALTORS accomplish more in less time and can give them a serious edge over the competition while also helping to simplify their lives. With those obvious benefits in mind, it might seem strange to hear that some agents are very reluctant about adopting new technologies. Three of the main reasons why […]

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