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Inman Connect 2012: You don’t want to miss this



August 01, 2012 | comments

dotloop is a proud sponsor of one of the most innovative and “tech-friendly” conferences the industry has to offer. Inman News Real Estate Connect starts this Wednesday, August 1st and is guaranteed to be another powerful and engaging event.

We strive to attend the leading conferences within the industry and Inman Connect is definitely one that you won’t want to miss. Here’s what we feel separates Inman from the rest, and why it’s important that you attend:

• Learning about innovations in real estate: You may do your best to keep up on innovating technologies and practices in the world of real estate but there will always be more to learn. No one has the time to read every single report or blog post, and some innovations might be kept under wraps until they can be presented at a conference like the Inman Real Estate Connect. You will probably learn more about new real estate technology at a conference like this than any other event throughout the year.

• Get updated on ways to simplify real estate processes: Among the hundreds of presentations that take place at the Inman Real Estate Connect, there are going to be some that deal with various ways to work more efficiently and be more productive.

• Making connections: You might be connected with hundreds of other realtors on social media sites but that still cannot compare to actually meeting and shaking hands with them. Meet and make connections with dozens of people from the real estate industry across the nation.

Overall, the Inman Real Estate Connect Conference is destined to provide countless learning opportunities. To also learn about ways in which interactive documents can increase your productivity, contact Dotloop today and be sure to stop by Kiosk 15!