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July 19, 2012 | comments recently published an article and video that highlighted the May 2012 NAR report, Simplify: 8 Real Estate Trends In a Time of Uncertainty, discussing trends that are starting to shape the real estate industry. After reviewing the article and 8 trends report, it became quite apparent how dotloop’s efforts over the last 3 or so years parallel those trends. Our mission at dotloop has been to deliver simplistic technology that provides real value while simplifying the lives of our users. Below you will find our interpretation of how dotloop is leading the industry with a mission consistent to the 8 trends:

1. Simplify- Brokers and Agents are leaner and more focused on maximizing results.
Simplifying business processes in the real estate industry is the foundation of what dotloop does. dotloop provides cutting edge transaction solutions that facilitate a 100% paperless transaction, from offer to close, through one solution. Brokers, Agents, and even clients leverage dotloop in a way that not only simplifies the transaction, but also promotes transparency and enhances communication.

2. Consolidate- Association and MLS are consolidating, creating more viable organizations and addressing industry overcapacity.
While we don’t help to consolidate organizations, dotloop does help to consolidate the solutions known as member benefits that organizations (MLS and Associations) provide to their members. Traditional member benefits form an array of solutions including eSignature solutions, forms software and transaction management/doc management platforms. dotloop eliminates these three solutions though one simple, single source.

3. Collaborate- Agents and brokers are embracing the collaborative spirit.
Collaboration is a key difference of dotloop’s transaction solution. By allowing Brokers, Agents, and Clients to collaborate within one holistic, online transaction solution, the buying/selling process is streamlined in a way that has never been known before. From offer to close, each participant in the transaction has the ability to negotiate and collaborate by accessing their documents in their loop as if they were sitting at a roundtable together.

4. Enrich- Consumers are demanding a richer experience.
Technology has become such an integral part of both business and pleasure. Consumers expect to bank online, shop online, communicate online, etc. Real estate consumers’ expectations are that the transaction experience will be convenient, streamlined, and in a lot of ways, reliant on technology. dotloop offers just that. Our solution satisfies the growing demands of consumers and ensures that they are receiving the “richest” transaction experience possible, consistent with their expectations.

5. Dream- The dream of homeownership is being challenged.
Regardless of whether it’s homeownership or home leasing, time kills deals and dotloop understands that. Dotloop is flexible enough to adapt to the ever changing real estate market and the consumers that support it by providing a quick and easy way for consumers to “capture” the American dream. By using dotloop, home buyers/leasers can fulfill their dream in an efficient manner using a 100% paperless and wholly web-based transaction solution.

6. Embrace- REALTORS provide unique value. Embrace new technology for the advantage it offers.
Technology is key to increasing productivity and efficiency – those proving to be the most effective are those that are embracing new technologies that make their lives easier. Time is money. dotloop facilitates a more efficient and fundamentally different way to do business while providing exceptional customer satisfaction.

7. Leadership- Times of uncertainty call for Leadership.
dotloop has assumed a position of leadership in the Real Estate Industry by driving a movement that does not settle for the archaic transaction process that has been the status quo for decades. Leadership doesn’t come from rallying around an existing process; instead, dotloop has pushed the borders and created a solution that challenges traditional industry processes and standards. Leadership comes from innovation and change.

8. Evolve- New real estate business models are evolving.
The standard way of doing business is changing drastically as new technologies are being introduced. dotloop will absolutely shift your business model in a way that will allow you to be more productive, saving you time and money. dotloop and its users are driving an evolution in real estate by pioneering a disruptive solution, revolutionizing the industry for the better.

We take pride in these values and strive to pioneer and drive the new trends that are shaping the real estate industry. To experience how dotloop is “in line” with the trends mentioned as the leading real estate transaction management platform, sign up today at:

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