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October 15, 2018 | comments

INTERVIEW RECORDING | Get Strategic with Team Owner Jeff Cohn

Listen as Jeff Cohn, owner of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group – the #1 real estate team in Nebraska and #38 in the country – unpacks the key components of a top producing real estate team and his methodology behind:

• Building a team from the ground up
• Overcoming team-specific challenges
• Recruiting and retention
• Attributes a team leader needs to have
• Leveraging technology and driving agent adoption


We’ve put togehter a quick guide with the top 5 takeaways from our call with Jeff Cohn. Download the PDF and take a deeper dive into how real estate teams in the top 1% structure their business, recruit, generate and convert leads.

Download guide


More Resources for Teams

We know there was a ton of great information and resources that were mentioned during our call with Jeff, so don’t worry if you weren’t able to write all of them down, here are links to all of them:

• What is dotloop for Teams?
• Watch how Jeff’s team sold $100M in real estate and did 700 transactions in a single year.
Download Jeff’s business plan and lead generation guide.
• Looking for coaching opportunities for your real estate team?
– Visit eliterealestatesystems.com or connect with them through Facebook and Instagram.
– You can also register for the upcoming Team Building Summit.
• Want to connect with Jeff? Check out his personal Facebook profile.

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