Texting is Changing the Way Real Estate Transacts

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Why Should Real Estate Pros Transact Via Text?

Dotloop empowers real estate professionals to transact and communicate with their clients via text. Share and edit documents, get eSignatures, export conversation history and view read receipts all in the dotloop app. Download the infographic below and learn how to get started!


#1 Texting – the #1 cell phone activity in the U.S.




23 hours/wk. – average time adults spend texting


67 texts/day – average exchanged by millennials


heavy text users

50+ texts/day – avg. usage per frequent texter


98% average text open rate vs…

texting vs email open rate


20% average email open rate


90 minutes, the average email response time

email is slow


text is fast

90 seconds, the average text response time


45% average response rate of texts vs…


Low open rate

6% average response rate of emails


5 seconds – average time in which text messages are read

fast reponse rate


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Dotloop’s text feature gives you record client-response times.

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