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2018 in Review: A Banner Year for Dotloop



December 14, 2018 | comments

Top New Features and Most Popular Content

This past year represented significant growth for dotloop with the rollout of several notable feature releases, from My Loops Responsive technology to the arrival of text Messenger, an industry first.

For the real estate industry, 2018 marked a pivotal year. Home prices continued to grow steady, strong and stable, despite the Fed’s hike to the interest rate, and overall inventory started to make a comeback in some parts of the country following years of decline.

Millennials stole headlines with this younger set comprising 42% of all home buyers and more than half of all first-time buyers, according to Zillow Group’s Consumer Housing Report 2018.

Real estate teams also continued to proliferate in 2018 with 26% of respondents to a NAR 2018 Teams Survey reporting that they are part of a team with two or more members.

In keeping with the industry change, dotloop responded with a rollout of new features on its transaction management platform, including the dotloop and Premier Agent integration, My Loops responsive technology and an industry first — text Messenger.

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