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Episode 26 | How Are Millennials Changing the Agent Relationship?



December 20, 2018 | comments

These Younger Home Buyers and Sellers Keep Shaping Real Estate

Millennials, unlike Baby Boomers and other older generations, have different expectations of their real estate agents. Find out how this younger demographic is changing the game and how you can win with the Millennial buyer and seller.

Hasbro recently came out with a version of the classic game Monopoly called Monopoly for Millennials. On the box, in line with popular belief, it states, “Forget real estate, you can’t afford it anyway.”

But is that really true?

Hunter Morgan, director of training at dotloop, digs deep into the data to find the answers: Are Millennials buying? How are they buying? And what is the agent’s role in the Millennial buying process?

PLUS, Hunter shares a few quick tips on how agents can ensure that they’re speaking and resonating with the Millennial market.

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