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Dotloop’s New Mobile-First Responsive Platform



February 22, 2018 | comments

A Faster Way to Navigate Your Real Estate Transactions

Dotloop, real estate’s end-to-end transaction management platform, just got even better.

Through the power of responsive technology, you now can navigate quicker and more efficiently regardless of screen size. Whether you’re closing the deal in Chrome on your laptop at the office or on your iPhone in a coffee shop, you won’t miss a step. All the functionality stays intact wherever you are, regardless of screen size, browser type or resolution. Plus, dotloop has added a bevy of new features designed to make your real estate transactions even faster and your life a whole lot easier.

Desktop View

Navigate Real Estate Transactions

Mobile View

Navigate Real Estate Transactions from your mobile device


Webinar Recording: Intro to Responsive My Loops

Watch as Sr. Product Manager Cameron Swiggett showcases dotloop’s new responsive technology during a 20-minute webinar.



List View

One of the newest additions to the new responsive features is the updated List View, a fan favorite of admins and agents who work with multiple properties at a time. Now, these users will see a more robust List View that enables all the functionality of the Card View yet with the ability to quickly scan multiple properties at once.

List View of transactions


Dynamic Pricing Status

Pricing status will now dynamically adjust with the loop status. For example, a loop that is “Active Listing” will reflect the listing price, but once the loop status is set to “Under Contract,” the sale price will display on the listing card.

Status: Listing | Price: Listing

Status of listing

Status: Under Contract | Price: Sale

Status of udner contract


Input Data Directly in the Loop Card

You can also change the Closing Date, Listing Price, Transaction Type and more directly in the loop card. And for at-a-glance scanning, your cards will now visually display how many days until close.

Interactive transaction cards


Import MLS Photos

Load the lead MLS photo of a home, change the photo, delete it or upload your own, right from your loop.

Upload photos from the MLS


Search Type and Status

Quickly search your Address, Loop Creator, MLS # or Tags (admin only) directly on the home page.

Enhance search features


Customize Your Filters

Filter transactions by any combination of status — Active listings, Sold and Archived, for instance — and save as many of these custom filter settings as desired.

Custom filter settings


Sort Faster, Easier

No more rummaging through a long list of transactions when you can easily sort by Last updated, Closing date, Purchase price and more, using an ascending or descending view.

Better transaction sorting

You can choose to opt into the responsive view by clicking here or the link on your My Loop page where it says, Click here for early access to the new and improved loops page.”

activate new responsive layout