A Data-Driven Approach to Agent Development



November 27, 2017 | comments

Gain insight into agent performance with the Report Builder

As a real estate broker or team leader, the coaching and developing of your agents should be among your top business priorities. Any effort that leads to the performance enhancement of your employees has a positive impact on morale as it demonstrates your commitment to their success.

But why is employee morale important? Put simply, happy agents are more likely to develop a stronger sense of loyalty to your brokerage, which translates to talent retention. As we’ve touched in a previous post, retaining agents is far easier and more cost-effective than hiring new ones. In other words, employee development can have a positive monetary effect on your brokerage.

To properly coach agents, you need to have a clear understanding of where each one currently stands in terms of performance. This is where dotloop’s Report Builder comes into play.

We’ve created a free Excel template that automatically generates a report using transactional data exported from your dotloop account. This report will help you determine which agents are “crushing it” and can take on a mentorship role, and which have growth opportunities.

This proactive and data-driven approach to agent development empowers you to establish an internal learning network where seasoned agents can provide their success tactics to younger colleagues in a casual setting. All to create a positive environment that will ultimately grow your business.

To get started, download the Excel template and follow these four steps:


STEP 1: Export and select all your transaction data

Once you’ve downloaded your data using the Report Builder, open the CSV file, select all the data using CTRL + A, and copy it to your clipboard using CTRL + C.

Copy all your transaction data

STEP 2: Open the Team Report Template

When you open the template, you’ll see 2 things on the first tab:

1. A “How to use this template” section. Once you’re you’re familiar with the steps, please feel free to delete by clicking on the section and hitting DEL.

2. Sample transaction data. This placeholder data exists to help you visualize what your report will look like when finished – it can also be deleted when ready.

Open the template you downloaded

STEP 3: Paste all your data

Click on cell A1 in the DATA IMPORT tab and paste all your data using CTRL + V.

Paste your data on cell A1

STEP 4: Analyze and digest your data

The template will break down your data and automatically populate a report that you can easily analyze in tabs “Charts – Teams” and “Calculations – DO NOT EDIT”.

The “Charts – Teams” tab will show you how many transactions each agent closed and how their number compares (percentage-wise) to the rest of the team by month and year. The “Calculations – DO NOT EDIT” tab will drill down into the monthly value of all transaction by stage and other more granular metrics.

performance by real estate agent

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