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Using dotloop for Teams, you’re going to be saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in overhead expenses, simply by taking advantage of that technology.

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Empowering Every Member of Your Team

Real Estate Team Leader

Team Leader

As a leader, you gain insight into your business to make decisions that lead to growth.

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Transaction Coordinator

Transaction Coordinator

Have the ability to confidently speed up the compliance process and increase collaboration.

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Real Estate Agent


Create an exceptional client experience with a complete transaction management platform.

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Built for Real Estate Teams

Real estate teams have their unique processes and identity. The dotloop for Teams dashboard enables teams to create their own workflows, templates and reports so they can seamlessly collaborate and expand dominate their market.

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Business and Growth


Make data-driven decisions

Instantly access critical business data such as the number of homes sold per month, deals under contract, active transactions and more. Team leaders can also pull the total production of the team or the performance of each agent. This makes it easy to identify top producers and coach individuals who need it.

Dedicated Success Manager

Dotloop for Teams customers have access to a dedicated Success Manager who not only helps you set up your dashboard and onboard your team but is also there as a consultative resource to ensure that your business thrives.

Custom Branding

Customize your team dashboard by adding the logo and colors of your team to always keep your brand front and center. Brand awareness is not everything but it is close to it.

Robust Compliance


Simple Yet Robust Compliance

Based on the transaction type, admins and transaction coordinators can customize the way a deal goes through the compliance process, from who gets notified to the types of documents needed before submitting for review. Admins can also tag transactions so they will instantly see what’s closing this month, under contract, sold, or even where the lead came from: website, social, referral and more.

Acting On Behalf

Dotloop for Teams gives admins and transaction coordinators the ability to “act on behalf” of the agent. Why is this important? Let’s say that an agent just received an offer for one of her listings but she’s driving or with a client and won’t be able to review and send the offer to the sellers in time. With the team dashboard, admins can easily review the offer documents and share them with the sellers as if they were that agent. This is not only convenient for the agent, but the activity log will accurately track everything that was done by the admin on behalf of the agent.

Instant Notifications

Enable your admins to stay in the loop with real-time email and push notifications. For instance, when a buyer signs a document, the agent, as well as the admin, can both be notified if they want.

Superior Client Experience


Transaction Templates

With Loop templates, agents can start transactions that already contain all the necessary documents, people, and tasks with a single click. This empowers your team to save time and create a great client experience.

Submit for Compliance

Once you’ve completed all of your documents, most of us are responsible for turning in all of our paperwork to the office or broker for some sort of compliance review, to make sure all of our t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. And to ensure we are protecting the brokerage, ourselves, and of course the client throughout the transaction.


As a real estate agent, you’re always on the move and rarely have time to stop by the office. When choosing a transaction management solution, you need a platform that will give you the ability to edit, share, and eSign documents from your phone. In addition to these basic needs, being able to easily collaborate with admins and transaction coordinators when submiting documents for review will save you time and deals.

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