A Complete Video Guide to Get Started

The easiest and fastest way to learn how to use dotloop at your own pace with this step-by-step guide

PART 1: Getting Started

3 videos | 5 minutes


1. How to customize "My Account" settings


2. How to add your association in dotloop


3. How to create your first loop (transaction)

PART 2: The Loop

6 videos | 13 minutes


4. How to add interactive documents in a loop


5. How to add a static PDF in a loop


6. How to share documents from dotloop


7. How to manage people in a loop


8. How to share documents with other agents


9. How to drag and drop documents between folder

PART 3: Mobile Technology

3 videos | 8 minutes


10. Overview of the iOS dotloop app


11. Overview of the Android dotloop app


12. Overview of "My Loops" responsive platform

PART 4: Listings, Templates and the Client Experience

5 videos | 12 minutes


13. How to manage a listing in dotloop


14. How to create document templates


15. How to create task templates


16. Overview of the "People" section in your account


17. Overview of the client signing experience

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