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Real Estate Interactive Forms and Worksheets

Access new interactive forms within your dotloop account to educate and wow your clients. Select from a mortgage calculator, estimate net sheets, a listing checklist and more. Watch the video to get started.

How to Unlock Your Free Forms

Easy as 1,2,3 with a video included

Get invitation code

1. Get Invitation Code

To access the folders containing these interactive templates within your dotloop account you will need to use the secret invitation code.

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Attach Your Forms

2. Attach Your Forms

Watch this 2-minute video to learn how to add the “Worksheets, Templates and Guides” folders to any profile in your dotloop account.

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Customize and use

3. Customize and Practice

Customize these templates by pre-filling them with your information for quicker transactions and use the worksheets to get more familiar with dotloop.

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Customize your templates

Learn how to customize your forms and create your own listing and buying folders.

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Practice your dotloop skills

Get hands-on experience with the worksheets provided to master adding and editing fields.

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Documents You Can Access Today

Educate and impress clients with these free tools

Worksheet-Adding Signatures and Fields

Adding Signatures, Text Boxes & Strikethroughs

Type: Worksheet

Use this worksheet to practice the following: placing signature and initial fields, assigning those fields to your clients, adding text boxes and placing strikethrough fields over text.

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Type: Interactive with field calculations

Share this interactive mortgage calculator with your clients so they can quickly calculate and compare the estimated monthly payments of up to 3 different properties.

Commission Disbursement Authorization

NEW | Commission Disbursement Authorization

Type: Interactive with field calculations

Speed up the payment process for your agents with this smart CDA form that auto-fills all the needed information from your transaction details.

Seller's Estimate Net Sheet

Seller’s Estimate Net Sheet

Type: Interactive with field calculations

Help your clients understand how much money they can estimate to keep after selling their home. This template will automatically calculate the numbers for you.

Buyer's Estimate Net Sheet

Buyer’s Estimate Net Sheet

Type: Interactive with field calculations

Provide your buyers with a detailed list of the expenses associated with purchasing a specific property. This template will automatically calculate the numbers for you.

Real Estate Listing Checklist for Clients

Listing Checklist for Clients

Type: Interactive

Share this resource with sellers to better understand details about them, the property and how they can help expedite the selling process.

Real Estate Buyers Checklist

Buyer’s Checklist

Type: Interactive

Get more insight into your client’s wish list and top locations when guiding them through the home buying journey.

Transaction Coordinator Buying Checklist

NEW | Transaction Coordinator Buying Checklist

Type: Interactive

Checklist for transaction coordinators to stay on top of the most common tasks throughout a home purchasing process.

Transaction Coordinator Listing Checklist

NEW | Transaction Coordinator Listing Checklist

Type: Interactive

Checklist for real estate transaction coordinators to keep agents and clients on track during the home selling process.

Keyboard shortcuts for Mac and PC

NEW | Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac & PC

Type: Worksheet

Speed up the document set up process with these keyboard shortcuts to quickly add, move, resize, select and copy interactive fields to your PDFs. Available for Mac and PC.

Transaction Summary Sheet

NEW | Transaction Summary Sheet

Type: Interactive

Quickly share a summary of your transaction’s key dates, terms, and contacts to all parties.

Downsizing checklist for buyers

Downsizing Buyer Checklist

Type: Interactive

Downsizing can be a tricky process for most people. Help your clients identify what their must-haves are when looking for a smaller home.

Questions You May Be Asking

Are these templates free?

They sure are! These real estate templates and worksheets are 100% free for all dotloop users.

Do I have to add interactive fields to these forms?

The documents located in the “Interactive Docs” already contain interactive fields (text boxes, field calculations, etc.). However, the documents located in the “Worksheets” folder are not interactive as they are intended for you to practice placing and using fields.

Will there be more templates added?

Absolutely! We’re already working on new templates and worksheets. These documents will be updated regularly and new ones will be added on a monthly basis.

Can I share this resource with others?

We HIGHLY encourage it! Our team created these resources to support all real estate professionals. Here are some easy ways you can share this page with others:

Share on Facebook

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Email directly to people

How do I access these forms in my dotloop account?

Once you unlock the invitation code, follow these steps, or watch the video above.

Skip steps 1 and 2 by clicking here to go directly to your profile(s).

  1. Sign in to your dotloop account
  2. Go to “My Account” section and select a profile
  3. Scroll to “Company and Associations”
  4. Click “Add Association”
  5. Search for “Worksheets, Templates & Guides”
  6. Enter the invitation code

Can I provide feedback and ideas for new forms?

We’d love to hear what you have to say about these new resources. Also, if you have any suggestions for other templates or worksheets that would be a great addition, tell us in the 3-minute survey below.

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