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2022 Real Estate Resolution #4: Get Trained On Your Transaction Management Software



December 13, 2021 | comments

Make 2022 the Year You Get Certified and Trained on the Transaction Tech That Will Move Your Business Forward

Now is the perfect time to get started on real estate training before the busy season ramps up again.

With all of the digital and in-person real estate training offered today, brokers, teams, admins and agents have no more excuses to put off their training goals!

Dotloop can help by accommodating all learning preferences with a range of training formats, from webinars and videos to worksheets and private one-on-one sessions.

Here’s a sample of dotloop’s training offerings:

Agent Training Webinars

Online Training

Dotloop offers a wealth of online agent training webinars, from basic and advanced training to sessions spotlighting dotloop’s five star-rated mobile app.

Basic Training

New users and those who just want a refresher will gain a solid foundation of the transaction management platform by learning how to navigate their account; create a transaction; edit, share and eSign documents; create Tasks; and submit for review.

Advanced Training

Experienced loopers will find everything they need to streamline transactions with next-level learning. This course covers how to create form templates and Tasks lists; how to link to a listing with offers; create a loop via email; and more.

Mobile App Training

Agents, admins and transaction coordinators who work remotely won’t want to miss dotloop’s mobile app training where we dive into:

  • How to edit, share and eSign docs
  • Share docs with clients via text
  • Export text conversations
  • Add docs from other apps
  • Host in-person signing
  • Submit for compliance and more

Earnnest Integration

Dotloop has also added several new integrations webinars to help save time and improve the client experience in 2022. This webinar explores dotloop’s integration with Earnnest, which allows agents to request earnest money transfers via a secure, banking-level encryption. The brief, 13-minute demo teaches agents how to digitally request earnest money from their clients and provides a view into the client experience.

Notarize Integration

Dotloop also recently integrated with Notarize, empowering agents, admins and transaction coordinators to notarize documents digitally 10x faster than conventional methods. This webinar explores how to set up a Notarize account and connect accounts; how to notarize documents; and how to sync documents back to dotloop.

Growing Your Office or Team?

Let the dotloop PRO services team customize training outlines and videos based on your processes so that you can onboard new agents with ease.

Admin Training Webinars

Brokerage and Team Admin Trainings

Dotloop has designed a set of separate trainings just for admins and transaction coordinators to help them streamline compliance, better manage the transaction and increase productivity. Users can choose from a brokerage-level training, which follows the Business+ platform, or the Teams dashboard.

Admins and transaction coordinators new to dotloop might also want to check out “Setting Up Your Dotloop Admin Account,” a 40-minute webinar that will help set up the Admin account and get the office up and running.

There are also separate admin training sessions on Running Compliance, Organizing Transactions and Acting on Behalf of an Agent.

Looper Certification

Those real estate pros who want to take their dotloop skills to the next level need look no further than our Dotloop Certification Course, a comprehensive online training that helps agents, admins and transaction coordinators increase efficiency in their daily operations by mastering the basic and advanced features of the platform while receiving pro tips, practical downloadable resources and exclusive product updates.

Led by dotloop Director of Training Hunter Morgan, this online training comprises eight short lessons, multiple videos and one exam over the course of five hours. Attendees receive a certificate of completion at the end.

In addition to the above, dotloop has added two Spanish-language webinars for agents and admins to our training resource center. The training resource center contains a complete training catalog, including private training consultations, a complete video library, and interactive forms and worksheets.

Make sure to catch next week’s blog on “Resolution #5: Get Accounting Streamlined,” where we’ll cover how to beat the end-of-year tax scramble with dotloop-integrated software that streamlines 1099s, maximizes deductions, minimizes errors and provides accurate reporting for smarter recruiting and planning.