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2022 Real Estate Resolution #5: Automate Tasks & Templates



December 17, 2021 | comments

Make This the Year You Simplify the Real Estate Transaction Process Using These 2 Time-saving Dotloop Tools

Tasks and Templates are two powerful tools within dotloop that can save significant time and cut out the repetition of creating the same checklists and document packets for each transaction.

Automating these two tools will help make any transaction coordinator and agent’s job easier in the new year.

Here’s how:

Loop (Transaction) Templates

Loop (Transaction) Templates allow agents and transaction coordinators to start transactions preloaded with the required documents, people and Tasks necessary to move the deal forward. They can be used for listings, offers, onboarding and more.

Loop (Transaction) Templates allow admins and transaction coordinators to add all the necessary documents needed for a transaction type, as well as any placeholders for documents that will be added later, such as pre-approval letters.

Templates are extremely helpful in ensuring that all required documents are completed and signed before the transaction is submitted for review. They also ensure that all parties who are part of the deal are included from the beginning.

There are many instances in which a template is useful:

  • An office works with the same service providers who have documents that need to be filled out or signed
  • Title company information sheets
  • Home warranty product choice sheets and brochures
  • PDF offers on listings — templates apply your seller’s eSignatures and initials across all pages of the contract
  • PDF copies of seller’s property disclosure — templates apply buyer’s eSignatures and initials across all pages of the disclosure

In all these cases, you can create the Template once and reuse it for all future loops.

Before Starting with Loop Templates…

1. Add Your Documents »
2. Create Your Task Lists »
3. Create Your Workflows »

Task Templates

In dotloop, Task Templates are auto-populated, reusable to-do lists that provide an extra layer of assurance that all documents, signatures and reviews make it to the review stage. With all the moving dates, people and parts of a transaction, Task Templates make it easy for agents and transaction coordinators to create, edit, assign and complete these necessary items.

Agents can create their own Task Templates as personal lists that are only accessible to them until shared in a loop, or they can be loaded from preset templates created by the office.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting!

Don’t have the time or resources to set up Loop Templates? Learn how our dotloop PRO services can help by setting up Templates for your Teams or Business+ account.