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Notarize Real Estate Documents 10X Faster

Integrate dotloop and Notarize

Empowering real estate professionals and clients to notarize documents digitally

Digitizing Real Estate Transactions

Dotloop and Notarize have changed how agents collaborate with their partners and serve their clients. With one integration, your clients can review, sign and notarize real estate documents 10x faster and save thousands on their closing

The Notarize partnership offers the ultimate convenience for real estate clients, especially when in-person meetings aren’t always possible or necessary.

Joe Kazzoun, GM and VP at dotloop
Joe Kazzoun
GM and VP

Get documents notarize digitally

Convenient for Clients, Efficient for You

With a couple of clicks, you can easily bring your dotloop documents into Notarize, where you’ll virtually connect with a notary and complete the process in as few as 15 minutes. Once your documents are notarized, they’re instantly synced with dotloop.

  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Survey affidavits
  • Parental guarantor
  • Power of attorney and more

Bring Trust to Every Transaction

Notarize is more than just an online closing platform – it’s a digital trust provider. You and your clients can use the Notarize integration to complete most notarization requests through a more efficient, secure and consistent experience.

Secure digital real estate transactions

From commercial lease agreements, to parental guarantor forms and survey affidavits, it’s only a click for an agent on dotloop to request a notarization.

Pat Kinsel, Notarize, CEO
Pat Kinsel

Import real estate docs notarize

How to Connect Dotloop and Notarize

Activating the integration between dotloop and Notarize takes just a few clicks. We’ve created an article with step-by-step directions that walk you through each click. Or watch this short webinar to take a deep dive into this integration!

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