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Our upcoming integration with Notarize empowers real estate professionals and clients to quickly complete the notary process 100% digitally.

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Integrate Notarize and Dotloop

Partnering with industry leaders like Notarize enables us to provide agents with the tools to be more efficient and create a seamless client experience - especially during a time when physical interaction is calculated risk.

Notarize dotloop integration

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Create a Seamless Digital Experience

Within dotloop, at the click of a button, you will be connected with a live notary via a video call and in less than 15 minutes your documents will be notarized. No in-person meeting required or downloading and uploading of PDFs.

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Notarize Commonly Used Documents

There are many commonly used documents that need to be notarized throughout the transaction. This integration will save you and your clients valuable time through a more efficient, secure and consistent experience.

  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Survey affidavits
  • Parental guarantor
  • Power of attorney and more

From commercial lease agreements, to parental guarantor forms and survey affidavits, it’s only a click for an agent on dotloop to request a notarization.

Pat Kinsel, Notarize, CEO
Pat Kinsel

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