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2022 Real Estate Resolution #3: Onboard New Real Estate Agents More Efficiently



December 03, 2021 | comments

Brokers and Team Leads: Make 2022 the Year You Improve Your Agent Onboarding Process

When you think about how much time brokers, team leads and associations spend on onboarding new hires, there’s a significant commitment dedicated to this one task, especially when the new recruits are filling out forms manually.

There’s a faster, more efficient way. Dotloop’s HR Dashboard streamlines the agent onboarding process, saving time and minimizing errors that arise from manually filling out and transcribing forms.

In fact, dotloop helps simplify the brokerage onboarding process with a front-end system that streamlines all the paperwork in one loop.

Streamlining the Brokerage Onboarding Process

Rather than collect new hire information by hand, teams and brokerages can offer their new hires a sleek, automated, step-by-step process that guides the user every step of the way.

Dotloop’s onboarding tool provides a Tasks checklist that prompts the new hire to fill out and sign online paperwork, such as 1099s and non-disclosure agreements, which are all contained within preset Templates.

Contracts, agreements and tax forms are all organized digitally so there’s no need to sift through file cabinets or hard drives, and admin staff can upload photographs of interviewees with their resumes to better manage the new recruit candidates.

Dotloop’s five star-rated real estate mobile app also makes it easy for new hires to complete the paperwork process from their home, car or wherever they happen to be. Using their mobile device of choice, they can easily eSign, submit and store all the onboarding paperwork.

quote from real estate pro

“Our daughter, Jessica Beggins, was in a multiple offer situation… …while the clients were viewing the house, she stayed in her car and wrote the offer with the dotloop mobile app using a hotspot on her phone. She drafted the entire offer package and submitted it to the listing agent in 5 minutes, and they got the house.”

Angelique Beggins, COO

Best of all, new hires gain instant familiarity with dotloop’s real estate transaction management software from Day One as they’re entering their new agent information, thus enhancing the team or brokerage’s tech adoption rates.

Virtually Onboard New Agents in the Digital HR Dashboard

Dotloop has made it easy for brokers to organize all the needed documents for new hires within the HR Dashboard, as part of the Dotloop PRO service in the Business+ platform. This completely digital dashboard houses all of a broker’s current forms and checklists to streamline the onboarding process. It can also be automated to sync HR with Finance and Training departments, ensuring that every task is covered and the new hire’s onboarding moves forward seamlessly.

In your Account dropdown, dotloop Business+ users will find a profile named, “HR Dashboard,” where each new hire will receive their own loop. All of the documents used to onboard these new hires, such as the Commission Agreement, an Independent Contractor Agreement and W9s, are stored in the Templates section.

Just like the residential transaction section, admins can create Tasks for the documents, such as Confirm License, Set up Agent Email, Order Headshot, Set Up Direct Deposit and so forth. This empowers the admin staff to better manage the paperwork by following a systematic onboarding process with checklists they can customize.

Due to the sensitivity of HR documents, HR Dashboard documents can be added as “private” to ensure only the recruiting contact and the new hire see them.

Once all the documents have been collected, admin staff can submit the new hire loop for review to ensure nothing has been missed.

By using dotloop’s fully automated process to onboard new hires, everyone wins with an onboarding system that’s more efficient all around.

Happy onboarding!

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