Beating a Home Buyer’s Expectations for an Efficient Real Estate Transaction



December 12, 2017 | comments

Creating a great client experience through technology

When real estate customer Kimberly Mashburn relocated across town in the fast-moving Atlanta market, she was impressed with the ease and convenience her agents provided through dotloop.

Like many busy professionals, Kimberly Mashburn relies on mobile apps to manage her life. She arranges for rides, gets her groceries delivered, and does her banking all on her phone. So when it came time to sell her house and buy another one, she naturally assumed there would be technology that would allow her to complete most of the paperwork while on the go.

When agents for both her deals used the mobile-first dotloop platform for her transactions, Kimberly was impressed. She found the process simple, fast, and easy to complete—even at 30,000 feet.


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