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How Dotloop Beat a Home Buyer's Expectations for an Efficient Real Estate Transaction

A dotloop Case Study

Creating a great client experience through technology

When real estate customer Kimberly Mashburn relocated across town in the fast-moving Atlanta market, she was impressed with the ease and convenience her agents provided through dotloop.


Like many busy professionals, Kimberly Mashburn relies on mobile apps to manage her life. She arranges for rides, gets her groceries delivered, and does her banking all on her phone. So when it came time to sell her house and buy another one, she naturally assumed there would be technology that would allow her to complete most of the paperwork while on the go.

When agents for both her deals used the mobile-first dotloop platform for her transactions, Kimberly was impressed. She found the process simple, fast, and easy to complete—even at 30,000 feet.


Technology Is Marketing

Real estate brokers and agents are aware that the image they project to clients can make the difference between getting high ratings online and personal referrals, and failing to make a positive impression. Every touchpoint with the client is marketing, including a brokerage’s digital technology. The look, the functionality, and the ease-of-use speak volumes to customers about their agent and his or her brokerage.

As agents vie to establish their value, providing technology that’s designed with the client in mind goes a long way toward giving white glove service.

According to Mashburn, being able to use dotloop was another benefit of working with an agent who was experienced, effective, and trustworthy.


The Difference In Being Mobile-First

In the past few years the smartphone has become the primary personal computer for most people. Mashburn, who regularly uses apps like Uber, Lyft and Instacart, had high expectations for the mobile technology that was going to guide her through the sale of her largest asset. Dotloop delivered, making it possible for her to review documents, sign contracts, and stay abreast of the transaction from three time zones away.

By providing an app that allows her to use the collaborative platform specifically designed for mobile devices, Mashburn’s agent demonstrated that her clients come first.


Fitting The Real Estate Transaction Into Life

Moving is one of the biggest disruptions people can experience. When it involves timing the sale and subsequent purchase of a house, it can add uncertainties that make it difficult to maintain a work schedule.

This was a challenge Mashburn was expecting to face.

Because her current executive position requires her to be out of town nearly 46 weeks a year, she decided to find a home closer to the Atlanta airport. But that move, including selling her existing house and buying a new one, was going to have to fit into her travel schedule.

As Mashburn learned, a good agent with the right technology can streamline the entire process.

“My agent staged my house to sell, and hired a professional photographer to come and take pictures, it ended up looking so good in the listing, I was thinking, ‘Wow, what a great looking house.'” -Kimberly Mashburn

Local home buyers agreed and the house sold in just five days. Throughout the transaction, no matter where in the U.S. she was, Mashburn was able to stay on top of the process.

“I never even had to use my laptop, with dotloop, I was able to finalize the paperwork on my phone.” -Kimberly Mashburn

At one point she needed to accept and sign an important amended document—one with a short deadline. Thanks to airline wifi and dotloop she was able to review and sign it on her phone while in the air.

“There is no way I could have made it by the deadline doing it the traditional way” -Kimberly Mashburn


Making The Transaction Fast and Easy

With the sale of her current home complete, Mashburn chose as her new home a newly constructed townhome, which met her requirements, was in the location she needed, and was a place she looked forward to moving into. Again, thanks to dotloop she was able to move quickly on her offer.

In a market like Atlanta, where homes are selling rapidly, having an offer approved and signed via smartphone can make the difference between getting the house and being a back-up.

Mashburn says she was again delighted by dotloop, this time using it as a buyer. Not only did it help her keep up-to-date on the closing process, but it helped her find the trusted service providers she was going to need to make the move.

“They had recommendations for mortgage, inspections, movers, and other services we’d need, already loaded into my loop. These are people I’d be asking my agent about anyway.” -Kimberly Mashburn

Instead of having to hunt down these services on her own—a task that’s both time-consuming and risky—she was able to hire professionals who came recommended by her agent. And because they were included in her loop, they already knew about her property and could be easily added to the schedule.


A Chance For Brokers And Agents To Make A Lasting Impression

“Even if you don’t travel as much as I do, it’s a challenge to get all things done that you need to do for a home sale without taking a lot of time off” said Mashburn. She was impressed enough by her dotloop experience to tell other people about it.

She recommends that any broker who’s looking for a real estate transaction management solution that will “wow” their customers, take a look at dotloop.

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