How Real Estate Agents Can Create Lifetime Clients



December 14, 2017 | comments

When your clients re-enter the home buying/selling cycle, who will they call?

Regardless of the industry, businesses thrive when they nurture their existing clientele. Real estate is no exception. And since the majority of home buyers would prefer to use their former real estate agent again, it’s a worthwhile investment to put your resources toward retaining existing clients and turning them into repeat customers.

Clients who have worked with you before know your track record first hand versus potential clients who are scouring the internet for reviews. If you’ve made your clients happy, it’s beneficial to continue to invest in them – you’ll save precious time trying to identifying new leads.

Below you’ll find 3 ways to ensure you are top of mind whenever your clients re-enter the home buying/selling cycle.


1. Acknowledge feedback

During slow season, reach out to recently settled clients and ask for a review of your service. Happy clients are usually willing to give their REALTOR an online boost. Our Premier Agent Integration simplifies the process by giving you the ability to request client reviews directly from the loop.

A good rule of thumb is to make all requests for feedback thoughtful and strategic. Here are 19 tips on how to request a client review.

But the job isn’t done just yet. Once a client gives you the gift of a review, it’s important to acknowledge it. Acknowledgment shows clients that you are still a caring and responsive professional, even after the papers have been signed and the deal is done. Commenting on a review is a standard way to show your appreciation, but feel free to get creative: consider sending a gift card or a thoughtful care package to their new home.


2. Nurture, but don’t badger

An excess of calls, texts and emails can have the same effect as a badgering salesman, so keep these kinds of interactions to a minimum. Saving home anniversaries on your phone’s calendar or planner can help you keep up with your clients in a way that’s attentive, but not excessive. A 3-or 5-year anniversary card congratulating them on their purchase will serve as a gentle reminder that you helped make it possible. It will put you back on their radar when they begin looking for another home.

The key here is to engage in valuable communication, rather than constant communication. Try to stay away from pushy email distributions, or conversations that lack a clear motive. Be strategic about when and why you’re checking in, and the time will come when past clients will either refer you to a friend, or ask for your help again.


3. Show the quality of your work

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how efficiently you were able to get the job done. Leveraging technology shows you not only seek to be the best, but strive to provide the best experience for your clients.

Following the latest technology trends, and assessing how your tools can improve the home-buying process will always bring value to your transactions – leaving you with a happy client.

Sometimes finding leads can be difficult, but retaining clients shouldn’t be. Once you’ve done the work to get the attention of a prospective client, keep their interest past the transaction by showing your value – which, if done correctly, requires very little time or investment on your end.



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