How One of Chicago’s Top Real Estate Agents Wins More Deals



June 26, 2017 | comments

A Successful Broker Who’s An Agent First

Nick Libert, one of Chicago’s top producing agents, is no stranger to the big screen: he’s been featured on HGTV’s House Hunters, Good Buy/Bad Buy, and A Sale of Two Cities. And when you watch Libert on screen, his passion for real estate is blindingly obvious.

Even though he owns brokerages in three states and has 170 agents working for him, Libert himself is really an agent at heart. Rather than simply doling out policies and procedures from on high, he follows his own advice: every day, he gives his agents a different example of how to use their skills and experience to delight clients, as well as utilize their time and resources for greater productivity.

One way that Libert maximizes both is through the use of technology, and a major component of his arsenal is dotloop. An end-to-end transaction management platform that helps him collaborate for success every step of the way…

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