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How Dotloop Helps Mega Real Estate Agent, Nick Libert Close More Deals, Faster

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Real Estate Technology For Business Growth And Exceptional Client Experience

Nick Libert, one of Chicago’s top producing agents, is no stranger to the big screen: he’s been featured on HGTV‘s House Hunters, Good Buy/Bad Buy, and A Sale of Two Cities. And when you watch Libert on screen, his passion for real estate is blindingly obvious.


“I think real estate is rewarding for two reasons, says Libert. First, you are helping people with one of the biggest transitions of their lives—buying or selling a home. Second, if you do a good job, there’s virtually no limit to what you can achieve professionally.”

The ability to help people at a major transition point in their lives and the limitless opportunity are what drew Libert to real estate when he got his license at age 20. And they’re what keep him energized as one of Chicago’s top producing agents.


A Successful Broker Who’s An Agent First

Even though he owns brokerages in three states and has 170 agents working for him, Libert himself is really an agent at heart. Rather than simply doling out policies and procedures from on high, he follows his own advice: every day, he gives his agents a different example of how to use their skills and experience to delight clients, as well as utilize their time and resources for greater productivity.

One way that Libert maximizes both is through the use of technology, and a major component of his arsenal is dotloop. An end-to-end real estate transaction management platform that helps him collaborate for success every step of the way.


Realizing He Had His Dream Job

Libert was still in college when he passed the Indiana real estate exam and sold his first house. Having grown up watching his mother invest in real estate, he was familiar with the process.

“It looked fun and easy,” he says.

Libert thought it would be a good way to make money while he was in school, and it was. In fact, real estate helped him get all the way through law school, at which point Libert realized he didn’t want to be an attorney: he wanted to help people buy and sell homes. He graduated from law school, passed the Illinois bar, but chose not to practice.

After starting a brokerage in northwest Indiana, he found he had a talent for guiding customers through the process. But after building up a successful clientele base, he knew he could find even more opportunity in a bigger market. So he decided to leave it all behind and start over again in Chicago.

Libert found that his same principles for success worked in the big city, and he soon started an office of EXIT Realty. Since then, the business has enjoyed steady growth to more than 170 agents and is now EXIT’s largest office in the Midwest. Enjoying a higher profile, Libert began to be featured on episodes of real-estate reality shows and in industry magazines.

Today, he owns brokerages in three states, has begun a real estate development venture, and has been chosen to serve on the Board of Directors for Illinois Realtors.


Helping Other Agents Achieve Success

One of the keys to Libert’s success is that he is passionate about helping others. He has invested in development resources for his own agents, and has been a featured speaker at conferences, on YouTube, and his LinkedIn blog.

Libert says that while deals can be complex, the secret to being a successful agent is quite simple:

• Choose a niche and become the expert in it.
• Respond instantly to leads.
• Treat your clients so well they become raving fans.
• Spend two hours a morning for lead generation before anything else.

“If you do these things as an agent, you will accomplish more than you can imagine.” – Nick Libert


Technology That Smooths The Process

Libert first discovered dotloop as a versatile e signature solution, but now relies on it for so much more. Its simple interface has made signing documents much easier for his clients, which has been especially important for his many international buyers whose first language is not English. But even more importantly, its comprehensive transaction management means that nothing falls through the cracks: Libert is covered from the initial offer, through all the ins and outs of compliance, and into long-term archiving.

As an agent, Libert can rely on dotloop to ensure that each transaction moves quickly from beginning to end, with all the necessary people brought in and all information kept on a single platform for better accuracy and security.

But it also helps him be a better leader. As a broker who wants to help his agents succeed, he uses the dotloop dashboard to monitor the performance metrics of each of his agents.

“They want to know how they’re doing,” says Libert, “and how they can improve. I have insight into that no matter what location I’m at.”

He sees dotloop as part of a larger shift toward digital technology that is already having an impact on the business.


How Technology Is Already Changing Real Estate

Because he saw how it could free him up to be more productive, Libert was an early adopter of e-sign technology. It meant that he didn’t have to drive all over Chicago to get signatures and his clients didn’t have to hunt down a fax machine.

But in Libert’s experience, simply going paperless is not enough.

“When your clients have an app for every other part of their lives,” he says, “they have a high expectation that their agent will be offering well-designed technology to guide them through their million dollar purchase.”

Dotloop provides his clients with that high level of user satisfaction, while simultaneously helping him make sure every t is crossed and every i is dotted.

“Clients don’t differentiate between your technology providers,” he says. “They simply see it as part of the experience of working with you. I want to offer them every convenience, from drone views to map overlays to VR walkthroughs, so they can feel confident about the purchase, but not have the home buying or selling process disrupt their lives.”

Libert sees that those who want to succeed in the real estate industry are taking advantage of any new technology that improves the experience for clients and makes agents more effective. And that includes dotloop.


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