Top dotloop-Business+ Features for a Real Estate Brokerage



June 09, 2017 | comments

Webinar Recording

If you didn’t get a chance to join Patrick Brossat, dotloop Strategic Success Manager for our webinar on the Top dotloop-Business+ Features, no worries! We got you covered with the recording.

This quick 30-minute session covered the 3 main benefits of a Business+ Dashboard, how to leverage them, and why over 3,500+ brokerages trust dotloop as their transaction management platform:

1. Loop Templates

As an administrator, you can create pre-set loops that contain all the necessary elements – documents, people, and tasks – needed for any type of transaction. Taking away the complexity of training new agents while simplifying compliance.


2. Workflows

Through custom workflows, dotloop tailors to your business needs. As an admin, you have the ability to determine the sequence of events in a given scenario. For instance, when an agent submits a document for review, you can decide which administrator gets notified, and the approval process flow.


3. Branding

Dotloop-Business+ empowers you to showcase your brand by creating a unique experience that puts your logo front and center throughout the entire transaction – increasing your brokerage’s footprint.


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