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Our Director of Training put together this video that will show you all basic dotloop skills, from how to create your first transaction, to scanning documents with your phone.

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Be there when opportunity knocks: create loops in seconds and keep transactions going by sharing documents from your device, whether from apps – like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive – or templates or email.

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Resources available to you

Access free content specifically created for real estate professionals that are looking to grow their business


Get free real estate content curated just for you. Including our most recent articles, guides, and white papers.



From listing presentation templates to the latest consumer trends report, you can get your own copy here.



Whether you're an experienced looper or a new agent, we have the type training you need - online or onsite. Your pick.



Want to learn more about dotloop but you're more of the watch-and-learn kind of person? We got the thing just for you.


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