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6 Ways the dotloop Mobile Scanner Saves Real Estate Agents Time



July 21, 2020 | comments

Easily Scan Documents and Upload Pictures From Your Phone

Searching for single documents and pictures outside a loop can create a frustrating experience for both agents and customers. This handy mobile-first tool, however, offers an easy way to streamline all your documents, pictures and contracts in one place.

1. Convert Photos to PDFs and Add Them to the Transaction

Driving to a client’s house and taking pictures of needed repairs or improvements is so 2019. Not to mention it’s a major time suck that can be easily remedied with the dotloop mobile app.

If you have images that should accompany your transaction, this trick works for several scenarios. While walking through the house with a buyer, take pictures of anything they may have questioned. Later, you can bring those images into the loop for your record and future action.

Similarly, if there are items within the house that the buyer or seller wants to confirm is or is not part of the sale, such as a basketball hoop or television mount, take a picture and load it to the loop to share and clarify.

Post-inspection, if your seller has made repairs and the buyers require visual confirmation, have your seller text you a picture of the repair. You can save that image to your camera roll and then upload it into the loop. In all cases, you can easily add pictures to the loop, all using dotloop’s mobile Document Scanner.

How To Use the dotloop Mobile Scanner

To add pictures from your phone to a loop:

  1. Navigate to the Documents section of a loop.
  2. Click on the plus sign next to “Documents” and select “Photos.”
  3. The selected pictures will convert to PDFs and will be automatically uploaded.

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2. Digitize Any Paper Document

Say a seller needs to share her homeowners association documents, or maybe your buyer would like a digital copy of a flyer from an open house. The mobile Document Scanner offers a faster, easier way to scan and save the information directly to the loop rather than scrolling through a long camera roll.

To scan and add documents to a loop:

  1. From “Documents” in a loop, click on the plus sign and select “Scan a Document.”
  2. Center the document and tap on the blue circle.
  3. Crop using the marked corners.
  4. Repeat for any subsequent pages.
  5. Save, tap Review in top right, and adjust rotation, brightness or crop.
  6. Tap upload, name the doc, select folder and save.

Once the document is saved, you can Submit for Review or edit the PDF and add signatures, initials, date fields and more.

3. Scan Earnest Money Deposit Slip

Many brokers require a copy of the earnest money deposit slip. Here again, dotloop’s Doc Scanner makes it easy to add this essential document to a loop. Simply follow the directions above to scan and add the document as a PDF.

4. Scan Commission Deposit Slip

Ever lose a commission check deposit slip on that short ride from the bank to the office scanner? Don’t risk it! After depositing the check into your broker’s account, scan the deposit slip into your loop right there at the bank counter. Simply follow the directions above to scan and add the document as a PDF to the loop.

5. Signed Closing/Settlement Statement (formerly HUD Statement)

One of the most important documents of any real estate transaction is the closing or settlement statement, an itemized list of all the credits and debits to be paid by the buyer and seller, including taxes, title doc processing fees and home warranty. The mobile Doc Scanner simplifies the process. Simply follow the directions above to scan and add the document as a PDF to the loop.

6. Replace Documents Via Drag and Drop

In the past, when you wanted to replace a document with another, the system required that you archive the old document and add the new document in its place. After receiving feedback from our users, we realized that there was an opportunity to create a better experience for replacing documents. Now when you want to replace a document, simply drag the document that you want over top of the document that you’re replacing. No more need to archive documents!

Don’t have the dotloop mobile app? Download it today to scan, text, submit for review and host in-person signatures.