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Dotloop is committed to continue supporting the growth of your business and the productivity of your agents without interruption.

dotloop Business+

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Streamline Operations With Custom Real Estate Workflows

Keep Compliance Intact

You created tailor-made processes around your Market Center needs, and through years of collaboration, you also shaped dotloop into a platform that streamlines compliance and drives growth.

Mobile real estate software

Keep Your Agents Transacting

Keep agents focused on what they do best — serving clients. When you partner with dotloop, you foster agent productivity without adding disruption to their business or steep learning curves.

dotloop Online Certification

Gain Complete Control of Your Transactions

Now, you have the ability to directly partner with dotloop, which gives you absolute control over your transactions, your data and the tools your agents use.

Real estate documents

Extensive Forms Coverage for Faster Transactions

Over the past decade, dotloop built partnerships with 180+ local and state associations to provide comprehensive forms coverage in addition to hundreds of MLS feeds to drive agent productivity.

Focused on Business Growth

Taylor Kerrigan
Taylor Kerrigan
Jeff Glover and Associates

"I love how fast-paced our business is and I enjoy helping clients to have a ‘wow’ experience. I would recommend dotloop to anyone."

Jeff Cohn, Owner at kwELITE
Jeff Cohn

"Using dotloop for Teams, you’re going to be saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in overhead expenses, simply by taking advantage of that technology."

Holli McCray
Holly McCray
Holly McCray Group

"Dotloop is a critical step in providing the best buying and selling experience. Our efficiency and collaboration have noticeably increased."

What is dotloop PRO?

Real estate professional services

Every brokerage and team has unique business needs but doesn’t always have the time or resources to execute. That’s where dotloop PRO comes in, from custom forms and personalized training to priority support and service request. Take a look!

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Plans & Pricing

Supporting Digital Operations for KW Market Centers

Market Center Solution
dotloop Business+
  • Unlimited Transactions
    You and your agents can create as many transactions (Loops) as they want.
  • Secure and Legal eSignatures
    Choose the solution trusted by banks, brokerages, and hundreds of thousands of professionals
  • In-Person Signing
    Edit, share, view and sign documents via text with full tracking Easily have clients eSign from your mobile device or computer all activity
  • Secured Backup
    Bank-grade encryption. World-class protection. Verified by 3rd party auditors.
  • Integrations
    Connect dotloop with over 75 real estate platforms through seamless integrations
  • Transaction Templates
    Create turnkey transactions in seconds with all the necessary forms, people, and tasks.
  • Clause Manager
    Store commonly used real estate contract clauses and save time.
  • Attach PDF Copy When Sharing
    Include a PDF version of any document when sharing with others.
  • VIP Phone and Email Support
    Phone and email support 7 days a week. Extensive knowledgebase with instant answers.
  • Automated Compliance Workflows
    Automate the review and approval process with custom rules and logic.
  • Full Visibility into Transactions
    Gain insight on your brokerage's transactions in real-time, from anywhere.
  • Dedicated Success Manager
    A dotloop expert is at your reach to ensure your and your business get the most out of dotloop.
  • Easy-to-Use Forms
    Quickly fill out PDFs you upload or load in some of our ready-to-use templates
  • SMS Texting Communications
    Edit, share, view and sign documents via text with full tracking of all activity
  • Audit Trail
    Stay compliant with a complete record of every action taken during the transaction.
  • Mobile App
    Access dotloop on the go from iOS or Android devices
  • Document Templates
    Setup your own reusable documents. Save common contract clauses to save time.
  • Task Templates
    Setup your own reusable task lists. Save common contract clauses to save time.
  • Add-to-Team
    Provide same-level access to other people within a specific transaction
  • Online Faxing
    Easily fax documents directly from dotloop.
  • Charts and Reporting
    Full visibility into your business performance through online charting and data export.
  • Custom Branding
    Brand to create a great experience for your team.
  • Dotloop API and SSO
    One click sign in to dotloop. Integrate dotloop with your accounting and CRM systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dotloop still available to KW Market Centers?

Yes, in the Keller Williams family, dotloop is a key part of your business and is now a fully integrated partner through Keller Cloud Innovator Program. While Keller Williams will no longer be subsidizing your dotloop account, you have the choice to enter a relationship directly with us.

Market Centers and agents now have the opportunity to enter into a relationship directly with dotloop using dotloop Business+ for Market Centers — with no steep learning curve or additional onboarding time.

Are dotloop and Keller Williams partners?

Absolutely! On November 19, 2019. Keller Williams officially welcomed dotloop as a fully integrated partner through the Keller Cloud Innovator Program.

Click here to read the Keller Williams press release.

Can I integrate dotloop with KW Command?

Yes, as a part of the Keller Cloud Innovator Program dotloop is now integrated with Command. Once you connect your dotloop account to Command, you will be able to create loops through your opportunities and seamlessly import documents for compliance.

Will I still have access to my historical data?

All transaction data created up to September 15, 2019 has been delivered to Keller Williams who manages accessibility.

Transactions created after September 15, 2019 need to be managed by each individual user.

Will I still have access to my dotloop account?

As an Individual Agent
If your Market Center is one of the hundreds that directly partnered with dotloop, you will continue to have access to your dotloop account along with all Premium features.

If your Market Center has chosen to not continue using dotloop Business+, you will continue to have access to your dotloop account through our limited free trial plan (does not include Premium or compliance features). However, you can continue to enjoy all dotloop Premium features by purchasing a monthly ($29/month) or yearly ($299/year) membership.

As a Dashboard Admin
If your Market Center is one of the hundreds that directly partnered with dotloop, all admin access along with compliance features will continue and not be affected in any way.

If your Market Center has chosen to not continue using dotloop Business+, all compliance features within the Market Center dashboard will be deactivated on your contract cancellation date. This means that all admin profiles will be removed along with visibility into agent loops, their activity logs, real-time notifications, messaging, templates and more.

If your Market Center is using the limited compliance functionality, this feature set will be deactivated on December 17, 2019. Upon deactivation, all the features noted in the paragraph above will be deactivated.

If you wish to reactivate your Market Center dashboard, talk to a Business Consultant today.

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Keller Williams Approved Vendor Program members are business entities independent from Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Neither Keller Williams Realty, Inc. nor its affiliated companies warrant dotloop, their products, or their services.