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How to use our interactive CDA

If your office doesn’t have a CDA with field calculations, we have you covered! The video below will show you how the document autofills and calculates.



Updated webinar schedule

Our 2pm EST beginner webinars have been moved to 4pm EST and we’ve added an Admin webinar on Wednesday at 4pm EST. You can view the full schedule here


Dual Agent Best Practices

If you have more than one role in a transaction we have a video that demonstrates how to keep your loop confusion free.


Most Popular Content

5 Threats for Today’s Real Estate Brokers

Just in case you couldn’t make it to the webinar, our marketing team has created a blog post and guide for you to download.


Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate

Learn how AI can help you improve clients’ home search, identify strong lead gen, remove bias from recruiting, refine the transaction and more.



Is a Housing Downturn Coming?

Experts are predicting a recession to hit around 2020. With the right preparation, however, you can turn the coming challenges into real estate opportunities.


Why Agents Need to Transact Via Text

Learn how texting is changing the way real estate transacts through this infographic and how dotloop helps empowers agents to communicate with clients.



Real Estate Expansion Teams

Benefits of an expansion team are clear – increased profit, expanded lead generation and better branding, but when is the right time to expand?



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