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7 Little-Known But Powerful Dotloop Features Agents Love



October 16, 2020 | comments

Tips and Tricks That Help Real Estate Agents Close Deals Quicker

Some of the best things in life are hidden in plain sight. Such is the case with dotloop, which is packed with a variety of often-overlooked features that the most efficient real estate agents are leveraging to save time and increase productivity.

Here are 7 features you can start using today to get the most value out of dotloop:

1. Clause Manager

With the Clause Manager, you can save commonly used text for reuse in the future with a single click. Are you often retyping or copy/pasting the same information repeatedly in a document’s text boxes? Maybe it’s a backup contract, a lease-back cause, an escalation clause or an addendum. Need to autofill a company name and office address? Wish there was a better way? Good news! In dotloop, you can save as many text clauses as needed to save valuable time — and avoid costly errors — by preventing the need to retype the same copy repeatedly in a document’s text boxes.

Clause manager is the perfect timesaving tool to manage those tedious tasks. Every time you begin to type a saved clause in an interactive text field, a match of the full text will appear in a dropdown for you to complete the text. This feature also makes it easy for admins to add and share with those attached to a team or brokerage.

How and When to Use This Feature

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  • Backup Contracts
  • Lease-back Clauses
  • Escalation Clauses
  • Addendums
  • Legal Clauses
  • Company Names and Office Addresses

2. Adding, Splitting & Rotating PDFs

Did you know that you can add PDFs from your email or computer? Take an offer packet, handwritten sellers’ disclosures or a third-party document, for example. Rather than edit the document and then upload it to the system, you can add it directly to a loop and make it interactive. Using a few keystrokes, you’re able to customize it with text, clauses, signature boxes, initial boxes, strikethroughs and radio buttons.

You can also split or rotate a PDF before you apply any interactive fields. Split the document by page numbers and create a separate document, using only what is needed. No more printing or scanning separate docs!

How and When to Use This Feature

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  • Offer Packet
  • Sellers’ Disclosures
  • Third-party Documents
  • Sales Files with Counter Offers
  • Buyers Rep Document

3. Attaching PDF Copy When Sharing

Have a real estate agreement or a disclosure you want to share with other parties in a loop? Not sure if they use dotloop? No problem. Dotloop allows you to easily share PDF documents with individuals or groups in a loop, regardless of whether or not they use the transaction management platform. Shared permissions keep everything private until you’re ready to share the document with those individuals you designate as able to view.

How and When to Use This Feature

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  • Sharing a Document with Non-dotloop Users
  • Real Estate Agreement
  • Residential Property Disclosures
  • Walk-through Addendums
  • Third-party Documents

4. Converting Pictures to a PDF

Here’s a great feature for agents and customers when they need to take pictures of a home or a document and add to a loop without having to upload, edit and convert the picture using unnecessary steps. Dotloop lets you select one or more photos and easily convert them to a PDF using your camera roll gallery. This feature lets users crop, adjust the brightness, move page order or delete images

Pro Tip: Create a miscellaneous or photos folder in your loop to keep your PDFs organized.

How and When to Use This Feature

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  • Repair Receipts
  • Pictures of Home Features
  • Screenshots of Text Messages to Include In A Loop
  • Earnest Money Check

5. Intro Email to Agents

When adding another agent to a loop, take advantage of dotloop’s intro email feature to customize your message. This helps avoid duplicate loops from being created.

How and When to Use This Feature

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  • Adding An Agent To A Loop

6. Creating and Applying Templates

Do you regularly work with the same service providers who have documents that need to be filled out or signed? This feature lets you create a template once and reuse it anytime you work with those service providers in the future. Templates come in handy for title company information sheets and home warranty product selection sheets and brochures.

If you regularly upload PDF offers on your listings, creating and saving a template is a quick and easy way to apply your seller’s eSignatures and initials across all pages of the contract.

Or maybe you regularly upload PDF copies of the seller’s property disclosure for your buyers to sign? There’s an easier way! Create and save a template to quickly apply your buyer’s eSignatures and initials across all pages of the disclosures.

How and When to Use This Feature

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  • Title Company Information Sheets
  • Home Warranty Product Selection Sheets/Brochures
  • PDF Offers
  • PDFs of Seller’s Property Disclosure

7. Faxing

As much as we’d like to think fax machines have gone the way of flip phones and calculators, many lenders and title companies still require faxing for sensitive information. But maybe you’re not in your office or near a fax machine? So there’s no need to buy a fax machine or take an extra trip to the local FedEx. Your complete office is contained within dotloop. Every Premium user has the ability to fax up to 100 pages a month with customized messaging and confirmation features.

How and When to Use This Feature

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  • Sensitive Lending Documents
  • Sensitive Closing Documents