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January 09, 2019 | comments

Still Bouncing Back and Forth Between Multiple Apps? Why?!

Perhaps it’s time to unlock the time-saving, revenue-making potential of dotloop Premium.

Meet John, an experienced real estate agent. John just left his Minneapolis-based office to take a much-needed, two-week vacation in Hawaii when he receives a call from a new client, Amanda, who just received word that she landed a new job in Denver and must sell her house as soon as possible.

Scenario 1

Using multiple tools not designed for real estate.

After calling his wife to apologize profusely that he’ll be late to the airport, John returns to the office to open the contract on his desktop. After filling out the association form on his forms software, he transfers the document to his eSignature software where he drags and drops the eSignature fields, then emails the document to Amanda for a signature.

Because Amanda isn’t great with checking her email, he texts her as a heads up to view her inbox. Amanda reads the document and texts John to let him know that she wants to shorten the timeline on the listing agreement duration from six months to three months. John therefore goes back into the transaction platform to make the edit, submits it via email to his office for approval, and, as Murphy’s Law would have it, learns that the association form is out of compliance. Feeling his stress level rise, he takes a deep breath and begins the entire process again.

But what if John would have been able to create, share, eSign and gain compliance from his phone using one app? Our scenario would have looked much differently. With dotloop Premium, John would have completed the entire transaction from the beach in Hawaii simply using his smartphone.

Scenario 2

Using a single platform built for real estate pros.

John would have been able to text the document directly to Amanda, who would have been able to open, read, eSign and return the document, also via text. And, because he has dotloop Premium with Task Template functionality, he would have quickly loaded his Seller’s Activity Checklist, set due dates for tasks like staging the house or arranging for a home inspector and assigned them to Amanda with reminders that kept her on task. He would have also loaded another Task Template for his own team to contact the photographer and lender, schedule an open house and more.

When John’s wife says she wants to extend their vacation another week, John says no problem, since dotloop Premium allows him to include both versions of the contract, an easy-to-use interactive document and PDF copies for the buyer’s agent and title company, both of whom prefer wet signatures.

Because Beth, his transaction coordinator, is new to the team, he doesn’t have to worry as Premium offers VIP live, 7-day phone support to help her load forms, create a loop and decide which permissions to share.

In the end, with dotloop Premium, John and Amanda would have enjoyed a much smoother, more seamless transaction experience in a fraction of the time that it took him to create, eSign, email and share documents from his current separate, individual platforms. Best of all, John would have enjoyed his vacation, knowing that he got the deal and made Amanda a happy new customer.

Dotloop Premium: More than eSignatures

If you’re like John and not using dotloop Premium, you may be missing out on a bevy of features that can save you not only time but, in many cases, the deal itself. Check out all the additional features that dotloop Premium has to offer:

Unlimited Transactions (Loops)

Why join or upgrade to Premium? For one, you’ll receive unlimited loops every month. More dotloop Premium = more time savings = more closed deals.

Real estate-driven

Some agents wonder why they should invest for Premium when they can get access to an eSignature platform for less. But first, ask yourself, “Would I rather use a comprehensive real estate-driven platform specifically built for my industry or a generalized platform built for all small businesses?”

Would you rather log in once to one platform that already contains forms from hundreds of state and local associations for you to edit, create eSignatures and share from a desktop or mobile device quickly and seamlessly, or would you prefer to begin the transaction in one form-hosting software, jump to another for the eSignature and then back to the forms software for edits? Plain and simple, dotloop Premium saves you time, creates a more seamless client-agent experience and simplifies the transaction process.

Transaction Access | play video Play video

With dotloop, you can easily invite a person to the transaction and set their role and permissions when sharing docs. For example, in our scenario above, John was able to easily add Beth, his transaction coordinator, with the exact same access to the entire transaction as him by simply activating the “Add to My Team” feature. Once Beth accepted, she was able to see all the documents, people and tasks associated with that specific loop, thereby streamlining compliance and collaboration throughout the process.

Clause Manager | play video Play video

One of the most underutilized features of dotloop Premium is Clause Manager. Think about how many times in a transaction you copy/paste a commonly used clause, a full legal paragraph or association-specific clause. A huge compliance timesaver, this Premium feature allows you to simply start typing the verbiage, which will then prompt the full clause in the text box, just as if you were typing in a Google browser.

Clause Manager can also be used in PDFs once a text box is added and is particularly helpful to Canadian accounts, where associations have very specific requirements with clause wording.

Task Template | play video Play video

As John discovered above, Task Templates take the headache out of the transaction by providing convenient checklists for not only agents but clients as well. Within the Templates section, simply add and assign Tasks with due dates. Then, once you’ve created a template, load it for future loops by clicking on the three dots at the top right of your screen.

PDF Sharing | play video Play video

For those third-party service providers or co-op agents who aren’t using dotloop, Premium gives you the ability to include PDF copies of the contract as well as the interactive form, offering the ability to download, print and sign without a dotloop account.

Online Faxing | play video Play video

With Premium, agents are able to fax one or multiple documents (up to 100 pages/month), add a message to a cover sheet and check the progress in the activity log.

VIP Support

While free dotloop account holders receive unlimited email support, Premium holders receive live 7-day phone support, which can be especially helpful for new agents and admins who may require a little extra help getting forms attached, creating loops and identifying which permissions to share.

Not only will the dotloop Support Team fix any dotloop-related issues, but because they’re focused on the real estate industry they can help with your industry-specific questions.

In the end, you can plan for the short term by choosing cheap or free options, or start using tools like dotloop Premium, which will help set you up for future growth and long-term success.

Learn more about all the benefits of dotloop Premium!


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