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December 03, 2018 | comments

Implementation Techniques and Principles to Drive Engagement

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Watch as Evan Peele, Sr. Success Manager and implementation expert shares how he has successfully launched over 5,000 real estate offices and onboarded 60,000 agents on dotloop’s platform.

First Things First: Tackle These 3 Myths

As a broker or team leader, you’re investing resources and time arming and training your agents with tools designed to increase their overall output. But let’s face it, embracing change is not something our industry is known for and the apprehension towards technology has created myths.

While these myths might seem insignificant, they have the power to kill agent adoption. Throughout the years, Evan has seen the negative impact that low agent engagement can have on a business and while there are many non-factual beliefs we’ve identified the top 3 most toxic myths:

MYTH 1: If you invest in new technology for your brokerage or team, your agents will use it.

MYTH 2: Your agents will adopt technology whether or not you use it.

MYTH 3: There has to be 100% adoption of a platform in order to benefit your brokerage.

With over 70% of businesses failing at implementing organizational changes it is imperative for real estate brokerages and teams to double down on agent adoption and engagement – not only to see a positive ROI of the tools you provide but also empower your people to succeed.

To help you avoid the adoption trap real estate businesses face today, download our 4-Step Guide to Successfully Implementing New Tech.


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