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July 17, 2018 | comments

Send, View, Edit and Digitally Sign Documents

No Emails to Open or Software for Clients to Download

Dotloop just released an industry first – the arrival of seamless SMS texting. Now, users can send and receive messages; share documents; view open, sent and read receipts; export a conversation history; and view automatically generated summaries of doc edits and re-shares – all via state-of-the-art SMS texting. Watch the webinar recording below to see it in action!

Webinar Recording


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Check out the new features!

No more emails; no more downloading. With dotloop’s new SMS functionality, clients can send and receive text messages as well as open documents without having to create a dotloop account or download the app. Agents no longer have to tell their clients to be on the lookout for an email with a document to sign, and clients can respond to the text, open docs, sign and share back with their agents, without ever having to log in or download the app.


Message one or many. Send to an infinite number of people with unlimited group messaging.

Send to mobile numbers, emails or both. Connect faster and easier with clients by sending messages and links to documents from one or multiple loops to cell numbers, email addresses or a combination of both, all via a simple, seamless text. Clients can, in turn, respond from either email or mobile.

dotloop SMS Texting
Confirm receipt – automatically. No more guessing whether clients have opened or read their latest message! Read receipts confirm the day and time when messages and documents have been opened, read and by whom.

Dial it in with geolocated numbers. With geolocated area codes, agents are able to communicate with new leads and clients from auto-generated phone numbers, bypassing the need to share a personal number.

Simplify compliance. No more searching for texts or email conversations if an auditor requests documents. Dotloop will export all SMS business conversation history as a .csv spreadsheet, putting all texts and shared documents within easy access. Have feedback? Email dotloop at

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