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February 25, 2019 | comments

One Simple Integration Can Provide Instant Visibility into Your Business

Currently, most real estate professionals use 40+ applications to run their businesses. Between transaction management solutions, accounting/payroll software and lead capture forms that sync to a CRM, it can be exponentially challenging to make sense of all the data that passes between your systems.

But what if all your platforms “spoke” to each other, thereby giving you a true sense of how your business is performing while eliminating the need to bounce between systems, enter duplicate data and risk costly entry errors?

At dotloop, there’s a strategic initiative to unlock the power of all the apps agents and brokers use everyday. Case in point: API Nation has teamed up with dotloop to help you easily sync all your data in dotloop’s end-to-end transaction management platform with Google Sheets, simply by using this one interface.

Automated Systems Save Time

As a business owner, you have a toolset that you’ve invested in and it’s critical that the systems that you implement are able to “speak” to one another. Many admins and brokers, for example, use Google Sheets to gain at-a-glance visibility into the status of their transactions.

But if you’re not syncing dotloop with Google Sheets, you could be missing out on a valuable time-saving tool that effortlessly syncs data between the two systems, enabling the information to auto-populate and bypass the need to continually make updates to both systems.

API Nation’s integration with dotloop provides a workflow that automatically creates a spreadsheet containing all the data in your loops, making data visualization quick and hassle-free. The result is an easier, time-saving way to identify any trends or issues, track performance and plan for the future.

Is Your Real Estate Software On Trend?

As you evaluate software solutions and tools for your business, ask yourself:

  • Does your transaction management system have an open API, or an operating driver that enables all the data to communicate between systems?
  • Are the tools compatible across the board?
  • Are your software system scalable, or able to grow with your business?
  • Does your software provide easy connectivity with your main work platform?
  • Does it automate upfront?

Every moment spent duplicating efforts across platforms is time wasted. API Nation’s research shows that automated platforms can produce time savings of up to 80% on a weekly basis.

These time savings allow real estate professionals to focus on their expertise, not the monotony of managing systematic tasks like reentering data on a spreadsheet that could otherwise run on autopilot to leverage those synced platforms.

Check Out the Webinar Below to Learn More

To sync your dotloop data with Google Sheets, you can simply navigate to the API Nation page where you’ll find a list of all available dotloop syncs, including Google Calendar, Loop-It for Gmail, Google Contacts and Google Sheets. There, you’ll find a free two-week trial to try the Google Sheets integration.

Want to learn more about dotloop’s integrations or about API Nation? Click below:

Integrations API Nation


Savvy Real Estate Leaders Are Already Winning

I absolutely rely on Dotloop and API Nation’s combined integration for all of my company metrics. I feed all custom Dotloop for Teams/Admin custom fields and all loop fields to a Google Sheet. The only alternative I’ve seen to this is the expense of $40,000+/year staff. This is a much better alternative and innovative AND real-time solution! -Trevor Schade, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
The API Nation dotloop to Google Sheets sync enables us to automate many workflows within our business. The sync pulls raw data from dotloop, which we pull into custom Google Sheets reports and automate many workflow tasks, which otherwise would have to be performed manually by employees. In addition, the API Nation support team has been great with supporting our questions and business needs.Greg Sanders, Realty ONE Edge

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