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February 25, 2018 | comments

Dotloop’s Mobile-Specific Tech Lets Real Estate Pros Text. eSign. Share. Deliver.

With 48% of customers starting their research on mobile devices, it’s little wonder that mobile-specific software will continue to drive real estate transaction management. Apps not only increase sales but help improve customer engagement and response time.

If your real estate business has you constantly on the move, we’ve got the perfect solution — the dotloop app for iOS and Android.


Create a better client experience

• Get on-the-spot signings by simply handing your phone to a your client
• Engage your client and colleagues with easy-to-follow sequential flow
• Allow your client to sign docs without having to download the app

dotloop iOS App digital signing  dotloop iOS App digital signing


Same dotloop, more features

• Snap a pic and share it directly from your phone
• Complete transactions via text
• Create timelines of your transactions in Tasks
• Add documents from Dropbox™, Google Drive™ and more

Better client communication  Scan documents with your phone


Everything you need, one app – computer free

• Add eSignatures, initials and text fields on the go
• Share downloads directly from your phone
• Submit docs for review
• Get real-time notifications when docs are received or signed by your client
• Create loops on-the-go using broker and association forms

document templates  Edit and share documents

Sure, apps help you transact faster with other agents, brokers and third-party vendors, but they also make signing and sharing docs with your clients easier. With the unveiling of Instant App in June 2017, Android users began enjoying the added benefit of doc editing and signing with their clients in a native app experience environment, without ever having to open the dotloop app.

Both the iOS and Android versions are fully enabled with a bevy of features to set up your transactions from lead to close whenever, wherever you are. Best of all, the app is free to dotloop users.

Here’s how it works. Download the app from iOS and Android and start using the software for all your transactions. The mobile app platform lets you add signatures, initials and text fields on the go.

A sequential flow design makes it easy for clients, brokers and agents to follow the transaction loop.

For fast on-the-spot signings, simply hand your phone over to a client and get their signature through a guided signing.

The dotloop app also keeps you informed in real time. When your signature is required, or your documents have been signed or shared, you’ll be instantly alerted via a push notification.

Look for more great app features to come later this year!

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