Title Company Uses Transaction Management To Help Agents



January 26, 2018 | comments

Transnation Title Has Found a New Way To Streamline Transactions

Dotloop’s unique cooperative features are allowing Michigan’s Transnation Title Agency to offer extra services to real estate agents at no extra charge.

It’s called “the network effect,” a computer science concept that says that every time you add someone to your network, the value of the network increases for everyone who’s already in it. This phenomenon is one of the reasons dotloop was designed to be a standardized platform.

A real-life example of this is Transnation Title of West Michigan. For more than a year the company has been working to get more overall collaboration efficiency with real estate brokers and their agents using dotloop. That’s right. A title company working with real estate professionals using a transaction management platform to make for a seamless partnership. This connection has improved the transaction experience, so much so, that Transnation now offers certified dotloop training.


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