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Dotloop’s Accept Or Counter Flow: A Better Esign Experience



May 04, 2017 | comments

An accepted offer is exciting; the excruciating back and forth, reading through reams of documents to figure out what’s changed, and re-signing that comes with counteroffers, however, is not. Luckily, dotloop users are able to make the eSigning experience easier: the accept or counter flow. In addition to making your life easier, the accept or counter flow also enhances your client’s experience, swiftly turning that dream house into their dream home while helping you build your brand as a tech-forward real estate agent.

So, how does it work?


STEP 1: Counter-offer detected

When a buying agent receives a counter-offer from the seller agent, all signatures get cleared from the existing offer. We then send the buying agent an email letting her know all of the changes that have been made to the document.

Seller counter-offer detected


STEP 2: Buying agent reviews and counters the offer

The buying agent can review the changes whether on her phone (mobile web) or on the desktop. If the buying agent does not agree with the offer, she can counter the offer by clicking “Counter” in the navigation bar and making the appropriate updates in the document.

Buyer reviews and counters the offer


STEP 3: Buying agent can add a note

Once the buying agent completes her updates, she is prompted to add a note to explain her counter. She can also re-sign all her signatures on the document with one click.

Buyer can add a note


STEP 4: Seller agent receives email with changes

The seller agent then receives an email that outlines all of the buying agent’s changes. With a single click from her email, she can head to the revised document to review the changes.

Seller receives email with changes


STEP 5: Seller agent approves the offer

If the seller agent likes the changes, she can click “Approve,” which allows her to re-sign the document with one click.

Seller approves the offer


STEP 6: Buying agent and seller agent receive signature confirmation

Both the buying agent and seller agent receive emails confirming their signatures.

Buyer and seller receive signature confirmation