Online Advertising is Changing – 3 trends you need to be ready for



May 13, 2015 | comments

A recent article published in Venture Beat covered 10 advertising trends to expect in 2015. Of those trends, one thing rang inherently true – the old ways of advertising online are becoming obsolete and many professionals are leveraging new methods of advertising to get in front of their target audiences.

But why are the trends in 2015 changing so significantly? Why are the tried and true ways of getting in front of customers no longer fruitful?

The answer is simple: The way people interact with the internet and information is changing drastically. More and more individuals are spending time within applications, listening to recommendations from friends and more. Now, banner ads and popups are quickly disregarded and often times not even read.

So how do you use new advertising methods to make sure that you’re not only getting in front of relevant audiences, but also converting those prospective clients? Here are 3 trends you need to understand to stay top of mind.

Advertise on platforms that are optimized for desktop AND mobile:

There is no doubt that mobile usage is skyrocketing as people transition from laptops in favor of their smartphones and tablets. A study by ExactTarget reported that 85% of polled individuals stated that their mobile devices are a part of their everyday life.

Mobile devices have become such an integral part of professional’s lives that it’s more important than ever to make sure that your advertising efforts are implemented on a platform that is optimized for desktop AND mobile – providing an great experience for your target audience no matter where they are.

In-app ads overpower mobile web ads:

Of those 85% of users polled that reported that mobile devices are a part of their everyday life, the majority choose to use mobile applications instead of their mobile web browser. With that being said, the mobile experience for your audiences needs to be taken a step further.

With dotloop local ads, your services are natively promoted, in-line throughout the dotloop application to ensure that your audiences are not only receiving a truly “integrated” experience, but your ads live within the dotloop app itself, not in the sidebar.

Viewability and reporting is key:

Historically, measuring the ROI of newspaper advertising, mailers, etc was difficult to track. With so many variables at play and without a true method of tracking impressions/conversions, there wasn’t a definitive way to identify the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

Thankfully, many advertising platforms are beginning to put as much effort into their reporting tools as they are their ad platforms. dotloop Local Ads allows you to measure your impressions and connections on a weekly basis, so you can quickly identify who your most effective audiences are and specifically how much business you’re getting from those efforts. This way you can directly report how much business you’re generating from your investment.

It’s more important than ever to ensure that your advertising efforts are in-line with the latest trends in the industry.

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