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dotloop updates: new compliance functionality for administrators



May 21, 2015 | comments

To make the dotloop experience better for you, we bring updates and fixes every Thursday night. Every update of dotloop includes improvements for speed and reliability as well as additional features to help you do more with dotloop.

Updates to the compliance process:

In February of this year, we introduced a new functionality called File Level Review Statuses. This feature allowed administrators to review documents on a file by file basis, assigning unique statuses as transactions move along the transaction process and allowing admins to required certain types of documents.

When this was first introduced, we did not allow for agents to archive documents that were required for submission by their administrators.

Today, based on our admin users’ feedback, we are introducing a new option for archiving required documents. dotloop administrators and brokers now have the ability to allow agents to archive required documents.

To enable this functionality, login into your admin account and click “my account”. From there, you can then check the box labeled “ALLOW ALL USERS TO ARCHIVE REQUIRED DOCS”.

Update compliance stage if a file is updated:

We’ve introduced a new functionality that updates a file’s compliance stage triggered by a document being updated. This is ideal for scenarios when a file has been approved and a document has been updated, resulting in a need for additional admin review.

To get started, click the arrow to the right of the appropriate compliance stage and select “set resubmit logic.” You will then see a new checkbox option that states “IF ANY APPROVED FILES IN A FOLDER WITHTHE STAGEAPPROVEDARE UPDATED, UPDATE THE STAGE TO “IN FINAL REVIEW

That’s all folks! Be sure to check back every week to learn about the updates as they get released, and if you have any questions check out our support page!