Unaffected by the “Heartbleed” bug



April 11, 2014 | comments

If you were on the internet over the past few days (I mean, who wasn’t?), chances are that you’ve heard about the “Heartbleed” bug, which could potentially make sites that you frequent vulnerable to data theft.

Most importantly, we want you to know that dotloop is not affected by this bug. dotloop does not use the offending implementation of OpenSSL in dotloop.wpengine.com or dotloop.com. As a result, HeartBleed does not present a risk to the dotloop application.


If you have any further questions about Heartbleed, we’ve put together a list of resources below which include more information on what it exactly is, as well as best practices for keeping your information secure!

your friends at dotloop.

New York Daily News – What is the Heartbleed Bug

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