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April 09, 2014 | comments

Hey there super loopers,

We wanted to give you an advanced heads up that a few articles may post about our dismissal of the IanDawtNapstur lawsuit that was filed last year. This is not really “news” because nothing material has changed, but given the legal nature of this topic we wanted to make sure that you, our users, are informed in the event that questions arise.

In short, the perpetrator admitted fault and initiated settlement discussions several months ago. Last week, a deadline with the court came due and we decided to remove the case from the court’s docket for the time being. This occurred through what is referred to as a “dismissal without prejudice” which means that we can pick the case back up at anytime within the statute of limitations until it is resolved to our satisfaction.

We will be sure to continue, keeping you “in the loop”.

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